Essenceism 6 - “Unreal gods from this world”

 Essenceism 6 – “Unreal gods from this world”

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Responsability for the destiny of humanity


Part 1 – Knowledge of false gods

Chapter 1 – Types of imaginary gods

Chapter 2 – The duration of the religious gods

Chapter 3 – Adapting God to man

Chapter 4 – God is not "owned" by religion

Chapter 5 – False god of this world

Chapter 6 – Distortions of religious teaching

Chapter 7 – Distortion of religion by religion itself

Chapter 8 – The progressive degradation of religion

Chapter 9 – How should religions change


Part 2 – The proper mission of religion

Chapter 10 - Creation of the scientific pattern of God

Chapter 11 - Power of authority versus Original Power of Love

Chapter 12 - Description of the religious struggle with evil

Chapter 13 - The current state of religion

Chapter 14 - The use of the word of God in religion

Chapter 15 - God does not participate in life on Earth

Chapter 16 - Between good and evil

Chapter 17 - Mythologization and idolatry of religion

Chapter 18 - What reforms do religions require


Part 3 – Religion's responsibility for state of world

Chapter 19 - Controversy around religion

Chapter 20 - Loss of the original value system

Chapter 21 - The question of evil created by religions

Chapter 22 - Objective assessment of history

Chapter 23 - The state produced by evil

Chapter 24 - Falsification of the condition of religious mission

Chapter 25 - Time to stop deceiving people

Chapter 26 - Comparison of the state of religion and science

Chapter 27 - The message of Jesus and the ideas of essenceism


Part 4 – Essenceism and science give hand of religion

Chapter 28 - The emergence of the idea of the Original Being

Chapter 29 - A scientist's effort to help religion

Chapter 30 - The relation of essenceism to the sacred books

Chapter 31 - The Bible as a possible document

Chapter 32 - Getting to know God without the need for religion

Chapter 33 - Science and religion in face of phenomena of world

Chapter 34 - More ideas of essenceism for religion

Chapter 35 - Essenceism gives the hand of religion

Chapter 36 - A message of hope for the desperate



 ”The Power of the Force of Love”


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An important message of essenceism

The main and only driving force of the Original Being is the Original Power of Love. It is it who creates all the interactions and forces of cohesion existing in the universe. It is it who stands behind the creation of a world in which there should only be good. In an ideal world, it was to be the source of life and the only force shaping human society.

The tragedy of our world began as a result of the opposite direction of the force of love. As a result, the power of power was created, and they will be the source and mechanism of the creation of evil to this day.

The good can be restored by changing the direction of the force of power again to the opposite. Then there will be a possibility of the emergence of the force of love, i.e. a return to the original state.

Essenceism is a system that describes these phenomena.

Essenceism tries to persuade humanity to change the force of power into the power of love.










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 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

This is the contents of the books about the system essenceism that shaped:

 the Theory of Eternal Existence    and the  Outline of Theory of Eternal Eexistence

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