Chapter 35

Essenceism gives hand of religion

The purpose of essenceism is to present God as the Original Being. Everything that explains my system follows from His qualities. This applies primarily to what He has done in the universe, with particular emphasis on the fact of the origin of life on our planet and the appearance of intelligent beings, that is us. Essenceism also deals with the state of eternity in the sphere beyond time and space and, of course, in man himself.

The most difficult problem to analyze in my system is the phenomenon of the creation of evil, i.e. a state completely contrary to the concept of the Creator of the universe and ourselves. It is true that this topic should be dealt with by religion, but you can see that it does it only marginally and superficially. As a result, it can be concluded that religious structures do not fully fulfill their mission. Since essenceism cannot very much apply scientific methods to matters relating to the activities of religion, it must rely on the opinion of the greatest expert in the history of this field, Jesus Christ. For this purpose, it analyzes His teaching in terms of the ways of working for the salvation of the world. Due to the lack of knowledge about the first period of the life of the Son of God, it focuses only on the last three years before his death.

There is no doubt that almost all of Jesus' teaching focuses on the problem of saving the world from evil. The key point of this teaching is to explain that the Kingdom of God was not realized on Earth, that is, the concept of the Creator, which Jesus called God's Will, was not introduced. Of course, the main goal of the Creator has not been achieved, so that our planet would become a place of achieving the perfection of His children. In general, it can be said that Jesus informed everyone about Heavenly Father who is constantly waiting for His children to come to Him. The only condition for their arrival is that their spiritual persons become perfect like God in heaven.

Jesus also explained to people why His Kingdom was not yet in place and why Heavenly Father's Will remains unfulfilled. He recalled that from the time of Adam and Eve, the reign of "the lord of this world", that is, Satan, has continued. In order to show in practice that he is the Son of God, Jesus went alone to the desert to fight a victorious duel with the illegal "ruler of this world" after forty days of fasting. By defeating Satan on an individual level, He showed above all that Satan is overcome. After this victory, Jesus acted in such a way as to stimulate people to defeat Satan on the social and national level with his life. He just wanted to remove the source of evil from this world together with people.

In trying to mobilize the nation of Israel to accomplish salvation, Jesus was explaining Satan's power especially to scribes and religious hierarchs. He often warned them that Satan could so confuse people's minds that they were unable to break free from lies and thus understand the truth. He also warned that it would be difficult for them to accept His teachings in this hypocrisy. He spoke it in squares, hills, in front of synagogues and even in private homes. Unfortunately, most often He encountered a wall of misunderstanding and lack of acceptance on the part of Jewish hierarchs and decision-makers at the time. There were times when He judged so negatively the behavior of these religious leaders towards himself that He had to point to their satanic lineage.

In general, it is worth assuming that Jesus, despite his very short activity, created for future generations a model of true humanity and a way of acting for salvation. This pattern arose wherever it appeared. Therefore, He was constantly among people, walking and teaching. This form of his presence was intended to prepare people to create the beginnings of the Kingdom of God. It was enough, therefore, to transfer this pattern to everyday religious activity without any special modifications. It is a pity that this did not happen with Christianity.

At this point, it is worth realizing that the pattern of behavior created by Jesus was paid for by his suffering and death on the cross. It is therefore of much greater value than any other model of human conduct. His action was also earned by his personal victory over Satan. Following the pattern developed by Jesus, essenceism suggested to religions to change their activity to that shown by the Son of God. My system would like to find true followers of Christ in this way.

Let me remind you that essenceism called people who wanted to imitate Jesus like globetrotters. They should feel that they are facing an extremely difficult task, which, however, must be performed for the good of humanity and to give "as a gift" to Heavenly Father a world ready for His presence. They simply should feel like Jesus Christ himself, who had to take into account the situation that his mission could take his whole life and that he could pay for it with death. The basic knowledge that they are to carry with them constantly is the fact that the Original Being created only good and therefore does not know evil. To this should come the knowledge that follows logically from the mission of Jesus that salvation is the responsibility of people led by the Son of God. They should also feel that guardian angels are standing behind them, and that they draw their energy from the spiritual world cheering them on from the "spiritual stands". In addition, the content of the teaching preached by "globetrotters" should concern the fact that people are eternal beings who, after a short physical life, are to continue their existence in the spiritual world. Everyone should be informed that, at the beginning of human history, we lost our proper freedom and came under the control of Satan. Because of this, we are on a very low spiritual level. Instead of being guided in life by the original nature received from Heavenly Father, we succumb to the fallen nature inherited from Satan and constantly creating evil. Above all, they should also know that the world today is ruled by various forms of power inherited from Satan along with our fallen nature.

To fully explain the concept of essenceism, I will add a few more details. The aforementioned missionaries - globetrotters should be persons with a special state of spirituality. They are, above all, people with a genuine vocation to such historic action. Naturally, they could be people who understand the need to save the world as a result of love for mankind tormented by evil. There may be many such "globetrotters" on Earth. All they need to do is learn about and identify with this extraordinary possibility for the salvation of the world.

In the process of salvation proposed by essenceism, it is primarily about gathering sufficiently effective forces to eliminate the source of evil, i.e. Satan and his evil spirits. Imagine that a pope, inspired by the teachings of the Son of God, would want to literally fulfill His requests and begin to follow Him in some way. Imagine that he would ask all Catholic clergy to leave their homes and go out to individually teach people in all corners of the globe. Especially let him ask them to do so in highly developed countries of Europe and America. Thus, the episcopates scattered all over the world should begin a mission that essenceism called the mission of globetrotters. The Pope could announce his intention to everyone, asking for support for his worldwide mission.

This is how the world could see the realization of Jesus' proposal: if anyone would like to save the world with Him, let him give everything to the needy, and then go out into the world to preach His teaching on love and forgiveness. Perhaps in this way the world should be shocked by the possibility of fulfilling Jesus' mission and thus understand that He had a "medicine" to save the world from evil. Then people would like to support the globetrotters sent out into the world to build a proper future with them. Of course, this process would not be short-lived. It is a task for many years, and even for generations. It is important for humanity to understand the concept of the world prepared by the Creator. It is based only on the Power of His Love and completely devoid of the function of the power of authority.

In its main message, the mission of globetrotters would launch the possibility of the birth of the Son of God on Earth as a Returning Savior, to whom Satan would not have access. If people prepared by globetrotters would accept Him, it would be the real beginning of the end of the evil "master of this world" and his satanic civilization.

So, in order to change the world with Jesus, one would have to drop everything that has been dealt with so far and move into the world. This sometimes requires preparation or anticipation of basic life matters, especially explaining to the loved ones what we intend to do. Then, be consistent and be sure that other people will help us. This help can be multiplied if everything you have is donated to make it clear that you are putting yourself completely at the mercy of society. Anyway, this behavior should not be alien to clergymen of various denominations, especially men and women religious in the Catholic Church. The only difference would be that instead of staying outside the walls of the monastery and praying there that God alone would save the world, you were doing it yourself as a globetrotter. In this way, you can begin to preach the teaching of Jesus and follow in his footsteps. You can also declare, as part of following your Master, that you forgive all those who have ever done us something wrong. This will show that you want to love all people without exception. It will show this love by wandering and communicating the message of Jesus. This love will result from proclaiming that God is the Father of every human being, because each one has received his individual eternity from Him. You will feel this love when the parable is realized, as a certain father after many years took unconditionally his prodigal son to whom he forgot everything and to whom he gave everything that he had prepared for him after his return. This love will be understood by anyone who is told that his Creator is waiting for him to spend with him all the coming eternity.

I have presented here a seemingly simple solution to salvation that is literally conforming to the teachings of Jesus two thousand years ago. This solution should be the quintessence of what religious denominations are supposed to do. Essenceism in a special way addresses Christian denominations so that they adopt the best known model of the Savior's action. They can start working in this direction right now. Clergymen who are currently active in parishes, monasteries, episcopates and other scientific, educational and social institutions could even try to become globetrotters for some time in a neighborhood known to them among people they know. The latter is especially so that they gradually get used to the new missionary activity. Additionally, according to this concept, seminarians finishing the seminars would be volunteers supporting the globetrotters. By reaching the age of 30, the age at which Jesus began His public ministry, they could, as Christ did, act as globetrotters for at least three years. Thereafter they could continue this activity periodically at various times in their priestly ministry. In this way, the world could see that they really needed religions to build a better world, and a new hope for a better tomorrow could enter people.












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