Chapter 34

More ideas of essenceism for religion

It is important to realize that in many cases there is no difference between the religious views of different faiths and the rational approach of many scientists to understanding God's existence. Both groups show the same scale of faith. Rational scientists argue that the universe was either created out of nothing or a so-called singularity. They cannot otherwise define this event, so they use a conventional term which proves that they are powerless in the face of the appearance of this gigantic space-time. This is a kind of "comfortable faith" which takes away from them the need to talk about the possibility of a Creative First Cause. Meanwhile, people who are considered believers only have a problem with how to name this First Cause. They, too, hide their ignorance under the name of God the Father, Allah, Yahweh, etc. In fact, it is the same "singularity" that rarely believing in God scientists speak of, although with a different name.

Essenceism tries to explore the content of this "singularity", avoiding the classical notion of God. My system is not going to get into conflict with the various creeds that cling to their gods made in the "image and likeness" of those creeds. Therefore, in essenceism, the concept of the Original Being appeared, which is the hypothetical Source of all things. By the concept of all things I understand both the physical universe and the state superior to it beyond time and space. Essenceism for understanding the Original Being focuses precisely on this state. I explain in points below what it follows.

First, essenceism assumed that the Original Being must be One, that is, it must be the absolute Source and Core of all things. Only when something emerges from Him in the form of creation can we speak of a duality or multiple of the state of new existence. In parallel with the beings arising from His initiative, forces of cohesion appear, striving for unity that reflects the First Source. Therefore, what emerges from the Original Being should be different states of good between which the energy of coherence interacts. In the case of people, the essential state of this energy is the power of love. It is worth adding that various states of good deriving from the Original Being are concrete forms of existence, which is best illustrated by the model of the basic unit of matter, the atom. It shows the principle of dividing unity into two opposite states, i.e. positive and negative, and the energy acting between them under various forms of interaction. The entire structure of the atom represents the unity depicted in miniature of the Original Being.

Secondly, the Original Being has emerged from Himself the fundamental principles of existence along with the laws that followed from them, as well as the primary energy, which takes various forms of energy and matter in the universe. Thus, as mentioned in the previous point, each of His actions gives rise to specific "good objects" and the accompanying energy. In an attempt to describe it, science has noticed that when these two separate entities start to coexist, they create more complex structures and systems. You can see that they have an enormous amount of intelligence. To understand this, thousands of years had to pass before scientists understood the existence of the genetic DNA code. This encrypted knowledge in nature helped me understand the attributes of the Original Being. They are His Intelligence, Will and Emotionality. This means that the Original Being has a Personality unlimited in time and space. In a further step, this thesis defined the Original Being as the proper Creator.

Third, essenceism leads to the conclusion that the Original Being presented above had a clear goal of creating the universe. The analysis of the details found on the globe leads to the conclusion that the Creator has refined His work in terms of the presence of humanity on it. Therefore, the conclusion is that He refined our planet "to the last button", so that it would be our home for eternity and that it would constantly enable the birth of ever new generations of His children on it. Everything has been prepared on it so that people can bring it and themselves to the state of perfection. This is how one should understand the biblical statement that God rested after the symbolic six days of His "work". Essenceism adds to this the observation that before the "rest" he adopted the principle of giving "His breath of life" to every person born on Earth, that is, an eternal spiritual person.

Fourth, the Original Being treated human existence in a completely different way than the rest of creation. It can be briefly stated that the people who were to be His children were born of Him. Meanwhile, all the rest of creation was fashioned according to the usual function of creation. It can be said that all creation is formed only in the image of the Creator, while people are also in His image. What distinguishes a man from the most developed being on Earth, that is, from an animal, is his spiritual person, being the proper eternal human being. Its goal is to achieve personal perfection during earthly life. Thanks to her, man can live forever beyond time and space, next to his Father.

Fifthly, all indications are that the world so organized has not been properly received by people. As a result, the development planned by the Original Being stopped, and people on Earth began to create a reality completely unknown to him. Essenceism unequivocally called this reality hell, because its main mechanism is evil. It must have happened right at the beginning of human existence. This event is symbolically described in the Bible. It was attended by Adam, Eve and their guardian Archangel Lucifer. On the initiative of the latter, they created a state among themselves that completely reversed the order established by the Creator and initiated the existence of the world under the rule of the Archangel transformed Satan, that is, the already mentioned hell. According to essenceism, these three changed the direction of the force of love into an opposing force of power, which led to the dominant position of Satan. To this day, we have a world resulting from this tragedy. It is a little consolation that Satan's influence on the spiritual world has been weakened by the efforts of various spiritual figures, especially Jesus Christ. However, we still live in an evil world, which we leave behind in the form of physical death, far from perfect. After it, we still remain in the spiritual vestibule of the inaccessible sphere of the spiritual world, in which the Original Being awaits us.

Sixth, if, after this tragedy, the Creator helped people to remove evil with which he has nothing to do, it would mean that what He created was imperfect, and He Himself had failed. However, it cannot be so, and it is not. God, of course, created humans and angels, but what happened between Archangel Lucifer and Adam and Eve was outside of Him. The question, then, is whether good beings can create evil and whether God is responsible for it? It seems that the Creator gave out of Himself beings who created a phenomenon among themselves completely independent of Him, that is, without His knowledge and participation. For they have produced a change in the direction of the force of love among themselves. This triggered one and only possibility that was not controlled by the Creator, which was symbolically described as "the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." This was done by the above-mentioned children of God, who, due to their period of development, were still imperfect and beyond His control. It was controlled by their tutor who, by changing the direction of the force of love, lost his mission and status as an educator. This could only happen as a result of a change in the original positions between the participants of the event, i.e. that the Archangel took the position of the still imperfect Adam. Despite the fact that the first people had all the attributes necessary to achieve perfection, the participants of the event fell outside the safe limits of the force of love and fell into the spiritual abyss. Cut off from this situation, God still waits for people to rise to perfection. As he established in the beginning, He waits for them in a realm where time does not pass. If, after salvation, even if it takes thousands of years, people return to the right path of development, it will not make any difference in the sphere of waiting for God. The Original Being still expects us to reach Him someday as perfect spiritual beings. I repeat the essenceism claim that God does not take part in the salvation of the world, because it is the responsibility of people.  

Seventh, the situation described above made it possible to identify the source of evil, which makes it possible to eliminate it. Although people know perfectly well about the existence of evil, somehow they are unable to free the world from it. Out of the various trials for the salvation of the world, Jesus Christ carried out the most important one. His tragedy was that people, instead of helping Him, murdered Him. Only the fact that he was the Son of God made him redeem people's spiritual lives at the cost of his life. This proves that the value of the Son of God is greater than that of all people put together. This transaction, called redemption, was forced by Jesus upon Satan after the defeat of the nation of Israel. If the members of this nation had accepted Jesus as the expected Messiah, today we would probably be living in a world where there would be no evil. Thus, the joint effort of the Savior, people and angels can lead to full salvation. If it didn't happen two thousand years ago, it might be the next time. The condition for success is to understand that God cannot do it for us, who knows no evil and has nothing to do with it. Thus, the fulfillment of the responsibility for salvation rests in human hands. The way of salvation may be similar to the way people went in the Old Testament in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, people of the modern era should by their attitude work out the possibility of the birth of the Son of God on Earth and, together with Him, get rid of the power of Satan.

The question is how to do this. Certainly, we should not wait for God to have mercy on us and for Him to accomplish salvation. It will never happen. Also, it is not worth waiting for the sign of the Last Judgment to appear in the sky, and Jesus Christ from the clouds will begin to reward or punish us for our sins. Rather, we are to be careful that the arms race does not end with a total catastrophe, i.e. the end of our civilization. It is worth realizing that the so-called "religious" end of the world is really the end of evil, that is, the full salvation of the world. Since the evil of our world began as a result of the opposite direction of the force of love, the good can be restored by changing the direction of the force of power again to the opposite. Then there will be a possibility of the emergence of the force of love, that is, a return to the initial state. If we do not do this, there is only one unlikely action, involving the interference of some other human civilization from space. It would be good if it was consistent with the concept of the Original Being from the very beginning. So far, we know nothing about such or such civilizations. If they were, however, they would not come to us on spacecraft anyway. Rather, we can count on their spiritual support, i.e. help from spiritual people who were brought up in a world where there is no evil. They, like angels, could support many "earthly messiahs", called globetrotters in essenceism. They would wander the length and breadth of the Earth to reach its most remote corners with the knowledge of the possibility of the salvation of mankind.










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