Chapter 11

The power of authority versus the Original Power of Love

One of the tasks that essenceism has taken on is to understand what forces shape our reality. Unlike theologians, my system bases its analysis on research methods tested with the latest scientific discoveries. Therefore, I used the models used in the study at the subatomic level of matter, as well as at the level of theoretical astrophysics. For example, I analyzed the claims of scientists that in the formation of the universe, a super force first acted, which from an infinitely small state of singularity started the process of the formation of space and time and the initiation of interactions that shape atoms. Due to the lack of appropriate research instruments, it is practically impossible to assess where this force came from. Its "physicality" cannot be documented. So the cause of the universe is still unknown. Most often this situation is confirmed by the statement that the universe created itself. This means that scientists don't understand something.

Meanwhile, my essenceism system suggests a different solution. He proposes that this event was a consequence of the operation of the Original Being, which created the universe from himself. His Spiritual Side, that is, His Personality, has all creative laws and principles, and His Physical Side is a source of inexhaustible energy. These are the basic attributes of the Original Being that constitute the foundation of my system. In addition, there are also mainly the attributes of His Personality, that is, Intelligence, Will and Affection centered in His Heart. It is the decision-making center of the Original Being. According to essenceism, it is the source of His main driving force, that is, the Original Power of Love.

The thesis of essenceism is therefore that the Original Being created the universe from Himself, and then started life and ourselves. To create a creation out of Himself is tantamount to the fact that He did it with the help of His Laws and His Energy, guided by the aforementioned Original Force of Love. Such a thesis of essenceism made it possible to replace the scientific claims that the universe created itself. For my system replaces the "scientific" singularity and the resulting mortgage superpower with a hypothetical creative act. It was made by the Original Being with the participation of the aforementioned Force of Love. Based on their hypotheses, both science and the theory of Original Being continue to develop all their research on the formation of the cosmos. They differ only in the assessment of the source of life and the appearance of man on the planet Earth. In the system of essenceism, the above argument is to show that the state of good on Earth shaped by the Force of Love was supposed to lead to the creation of an ideal world, i.e. one in which only good would exist.

Unfortunately, as we know, such an ideal world did not come into being. Of course, the Original Being did not fail in its intentions, because he entrusted the completion of his work to people, so that they too could feel themselves creators of an ideal world and thus equal their Creator. Unfortunately, this did not happen because of events at the beginning of our history. Currently, our world actually exists outside the Original Being. He has transformed into a fallen world. It happened as a result of evil.

Essenceism states that evil cannot be proven scientifically. Therefore, some suggestions in religious records should be recognized, even if they are unverifiable. The analysis of the origin of evil must therefore be based on symbolic biblical descriptions. The beginning of evil appeared when the guardian and teacher of the first people appointed by the Creator, Archangel Lucifer, led to a reversal of the force of love originally intended only for Adam and Eve. As a result, he reigned first over Eve, and through her, also over Adam. It took place completely outside of God. From that moment on, the power of authority became the driving force of evil. It took all the power from the force of love and created the mechanism that shapes the present world. It continues to this day, because we are still ruled by the same former "teacher" and "guardian" of humanity, also called by Jesus Christ "the god of this world". Satan, as the disposer of power, can therefore control us. This control is strengthened by our fallen nature, taken from him in the same process in which the power of power arose. This has become the source of mankind's bad history.

This is confirmed by the observation according to which we surrender to the power of power and we cannot understand that it carries out hell on Earth. This is how essenceism calls of our world. The action of the power of power that creates evil practically explains all evil phenomena taking place in the world. This has been the case for thousands of years since humanity began to shape its civilization. We see this, for example, when the commander orders his soldiers to kill other people, calling them enemies, when the political leader by his decisions causes the extermination of thousands of people, when the head of the company rules the workers, taking away their free will and making them their slaves. For example, this also happened when religious hierarchs in the inquisition sentenced tens of thousands of innocent women to death. It can be seen that the evil power of power most often takes hold of decision-makers, regardless of whether they come from politics, business or religion. From this it follows that the restoration of the world to the concept established by the Creator is possible only through the elimination of the power of authority. When it regains its original direction, becoming the force of love, it will create the foundation of goodness in the world.

The power of authority is therefore the "external" form of the domination of evil in human society. The "internal" form of the reign of evil is the fallen nature that every person has in him as a result of bad events at the very beginning of human history. Fallen nature produces obedience to the power of authority primarily because both forms of domination come from the same source of evil, Satan. Basing on the attributes of the Original Being, one can briefly define evil as a new, alien reality, or "cancer". This explanation is not about weakening God as absolute Creator. If He foresaw evil, then evil would be known to Him from then on, and therefore would be part of His Consciousness. However, it was not so. Evil is not an ordinary quality or phenomenon like there is much in the universe. It is an exception that exists outside of the original universe. It is a kind of anti-reality, that is, a singularity that is completely outside of God and therefore not in His Personality. As it has been described in my studies, a person receives a "pure" spiritual person at his birth. Only after that, she becomes infected with fallen nature inherited from her parents living in a world under Satan's control. This is an inheritance of evil nature from the "wrong father" of mankind. The power of fallen nature comes from the fact that it took power from primordial nature. This mechanism appeared together with the power power mechanism which took its power from the Force of Love.

Religions call what happened in the Garden of Eden original sin and they unanimously express the belief that this sin is inherited by all people, regardless of our will. We are simply born with this stigma that continues to manifest itself in the form of fallen nature.

Due to the mentioned events at the beginning of our history, the Creator cannot interfere with our evil civilization, called hell. She's just anti-divine. So it is not difficult to answer the question why God does not interfere in evil? The answer is obvious. God cannot interfere with what He has not created or else He would have taken responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world that He never had in His plans. If the perfect Original Being joined the imperfect state of a given situation, it would give it the status of perfection, and this is contrary to His Principles. God does not know our fallen world and does not analyze it. In a direct sense, it is not a participant in our civilization. Moreover, it is worth realizing that the Personality of a perfect Original Being cannot be modified by imperfect beings. We have entered the evil zone, and the Creator has lost sight of us for some time and is still waiting for us.

Of course, in man there is still a spiritual person with the original good nature given to him by the Creator. Its character is our original personality, that is, the place of direct presence of God. This is His "breath" that we receive at birth. From that moment on, the eternal relationship with Heavenly Father begins, which serves man in reaching perfection. Our primordial nature will remain with us forever, no matter how people act. We most often feel it as the action of our conscience. This is our reaction to the fact of the constant duration of His laws and principles which are God's Providence and the basis for the future Kingdom of Heaven. These laws are in active existence and influence our will to "return" to Our Creator. Many people sense God's Providence as a force of love flowing to them, which evokes in them constant faith and hope that someday we will be together with Heavenly Father in His Kingdom. Unfortunately, the level of our relationship with God cannot exceed that of the Garden of Eden. God's will, inscribed in His Providence, invariably causes in us a constant desire to return to the lost Kingdom of Heaven, that is, the unwavering hope resulting from the existence in us of the original nature received from the Creator.

Unfortunately, as I pointed out previously, our good desires and aspirations are canceled out by the power of power working with fallen nature. This is the internal mechanism of evil reigning in every spiritual person of man. It accompanies the "external" mechanism that creates evil and comes from the power of power. Both mechanisms are permanently "at the disposal" of the creator of evil, Satan. Evil is therefore not our delusion, but something definitely substantial, that is, real and concrete.

To sum up, it must be said that the Creator bestows His universe with love, and most of all with people. This love, or rather the Original Force of Love, is a kind of driving force in life, it leads everything to perfection, maintaining the original, good direction given to it by Him. The Original Being is perfect and never changes its destiny. Someone who is made "in the image and likeness of God" while being perfect like Him should not change its direction. Unfortunately, an imperfect being on the way to perfection can possibly change the direction of love. Then evil appears, i.e. a state opposite to the established direction of love, i.e. a state inconsistent with the concept of the world created by the Original Being.

In connection with the above conclusion, one may be tempted to say that in our world all institutions more or less serve Satan, thus acting to maintain his power over people. There are no exceptions here. Regardless of whether it is an economic, social, political, scientific, educational or religious institution. They all serve to varying degrees to maintain the reign of the "ruler of this world."







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