Chapter 10

Creating a scientific pattern of God

My system shows that the existence of the Original Being can only be rationally convinced when we realize that beyond the universe we are investigating, there is some sphere, state, or "space" other than the visible cosmos. Moreover, it may be much larger than we imagine. Essenceism tries to show that the Original Being, as the spatially and time-unlimited Being, cannot stay in the space-time of the universe. His "place" of being can only be the sphere of eternal existence beyond time and space. Without this condition, it makes no sense to speculate about its existence from the point of view of science. Nor does any religious dogma or human "inventing" a god make sense in this regard. The "religious" god will always be in the image and likeness of us. In my system, I confronted the human "inventing" god with the content of the aforementioned assumption that the Original Being can exist only beyond time and space. From this it follows that only the absolute, perfect and eternal God who is beyond the space-time of the universe can "withstand" scientific analysis.

Therefore, from the moment of accepting the above-mentioned reservations, I used only the rules of the scientific method of conducting research. This has led to a more complete answer to the question in the title of this chapter. The Original Being was also assessed as the only proper Creator of the universe. When assessing "technically" the physical reality we find, we must come to the conclusion that God, in order to be the Creator, should have in Himself strictly defined laws, which have been gradually discovered over the years and the creative material which must be energy. Such conditioning should arise in order to rationally approach the subject. The above statement implies the necessity of simultaneous coexistence of His Personality and His First Cause Energy.

Here is the essenceism hypothesis: God, defined as the Original Being, is the Creator who, from the state of His existence in the sphere beyond time and space, initiated time and space. This means that He planned and methodically created the space-time of the universe according to His principles and laws, into which He introduced the creative material in the form of Energy. Further development of the essenceism hypothesis leads to the conclusion that God had in perspective the destiny of the universe as a place for the biological development of His children - people.

It follows from the above that the emergence of essenceism was inextricably linked with proving the existence of the Original Being. It resulted from my many years of research supported by intuition and imagination. Explaining my findings even more precisely, I state that the Original Being "discovered" by me has a Personality Center, that is, the Heart, which gathers His Intelligence, Will and Affection. In other words, He is a Being who, with the attributes of His Personality, affects everything that makes up the concept of space-time created by Him. At the same time, the Original Being must have an inexhaustible "building material" in the form of the Primary Energy, that is the Energy of the First Cause. It follows from this concept that the Creator cannot be directly in the space-time of the universe, because according to the laws shaping it, it undergoes constant changes. Time flows in it and different forms of energy and matter are constantly changing. Thus the spacetime of the universe is "developmentally" unstable and therefore far from perfect. Therefore, because of the perfection that essenceism attributes to the Original Being, He is not present in it. Its direct presence is limited only to the sphere beyond time and space. Thanks to this, space-time can be open to new changes and events that make up its reality.

It seems that in this reality places have been set aside for the development of eternal beings in the image and likeness of their Creator. It is about people, of course. Therefore, the Original Being can be called Heavenly Father. Therefore, each man, thanks to the qualities inherited from his Creator, should achieve personal perfection after the end of physical life. This is why the physical living environment for humanity was created. It can even be argued that the universe was created for people, thus defining the meaning of its existence. After confirming this thesis, it becomes clear who the man is and what is the meaning of his life. Thus, perfect human beings can become eternal partners of the Original Being, continually and constantly inhabiting and modifying the universe. The state of each person in the form of an eternal spiritual person can create full unity with his Heavenly Father. This forms one big family whose main function of existence will be love. It can be called eternal and true, that is, one that brings infinite joy and happiness. In this way, the eternal common life of the Original Being and people will be able to run. This, according to essenceism, was and is the proper purpose of the creation of the universe.






 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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