Chapter 5

False god of this world

Once we recognize the existence of various imaginary or imaginary gods produced by numerous religious denominations, one should finally understand the existence of this one active god of our world. It is real and it is not a delusion. It is about Satan who took the place of our Creator. It is about him that Jesus Christ spoke about many times. He described him not only as the father of lies, but also as the lord, ruler, prince and even god of this world. In this way he pointed to the fallen Archangel Lucifer. My system is about him too. What I am describing is in the form of a deduction, not based on any scientific evidence, but using strict analytical thinking. It is therefore a logical analysis of variously interpreted biblical records.

According to essenceism, Satan is a former archangel. As described in previous studies of essenceism, the Creator appointed it together with other angels to raise the first humans until they could safely use the most powerful force of creation, the force of love. The Primary Force of Love, derived from the Heart of the Original Being, is the only force that produces the primary state of good (I write the name of this force in capital letters in the case of the Creator's activities). The educator of the first people in the course of their development towards perfection was the Archangel Lucifer. This must have happened because the perfect Creator could not directly raise his children. For this reason, the Archangel had the aforementioned Force of Love given to him by God. The only danger in this state was misdirecting it. As I already showed it in my studies, this is exactly what happened. The shift in the direction of the force of love gave rise to an equally powerful force of power that is the source of evil. It is like changing to the opposite electric charge of the elementary particles when antimatter is formed.

The effects of an event from the beginning of our history continue to affect the whole of history to this day. We feel it as evil produced by the force of power. Additionally, as a result of this situation, the entire spiritual development of mankind was stopped. So the former Archangel Lucifer, now Satan, is the ruler of our world. In this extraordinary case, a dual personality arose in one being. This happened when the good Archangel's original personality was "turned" in the opposite direction, giving rise to the evil "cancerous" personality, that is, the personality of Satan. It inherited the power of Archangel Lucifer, but turned completely in the opposite direction to that which was originally assigned to her. The further existence of the actual Archangel was as if frozen. So only the evil side of his personality that is outside the law of creation is active. In this way, Satan became the spiritual father of mankind, separating the Creator from people. Inheriting God's good fatherhood and Satan's bad fatherhood, we have two natures in us: the original, good, and the fallen, bad. Unfortunately, the bad one has the upper hand.

Jesus, apart from describing Satan as "the god of this world", also called him the prince of this world. In this way, he probably wanted to emphasize that the fallen Archangel Lucifer still manipulates us. The Son of God knew well what Satan was doing to humanity, using in the opposite direction the force of love now transformed into a force of power. The term "prince" was used by Jesus to emphasize the position of someone who is so close to the king that he can replace him. Surely the point was that the proper king in the Kingdom of Heaven can only be the Creator, and the archangels are like princes supporting Him. During Jesus' ministry, with different rulers around, such a comparison might have been a good way to explain to people the situation of the world in which they live. He also wanted to point out that people, i.e. future sons and daughters of God, should stand higher than princes. In such a world, everyone plays the role of servants, but not the king's children. To prove this, Jesus himself went into the desert to prove that the Son of God is the lord of the world of angels, after a forty-day fast, and therefore every archangel, including Lucifer, is only a servant of God and people.

On another occasion, Jesus called Satan the lord of this world. He taught this because He knew the power of the fallen archangel and his dire influence on people. Unfortunately, the teachings of the Son of God were not accepted by his contemporaries in Israel, especially by political rulers and religious leaders. It was they who, using the power inherited from Satan, and based on their fallen nature, led to the death of Jesus, who was prepared for the salvation of mankind. Thus, the world did not fully save and Satan was not eliminated. It was only because of the awareness of this situation that Jesus saved part of His mission at the cost of His life, becoming the Redeemer of mankind. Thanks to this, He took away Satan's power over almost the entire spiritual world.

Thus, here on Earth, we have a form of power inconsistent with the Creator's conception, "rooted" in ourselves by the fallen nature inherited from Satan. Of course, in practice, people of power rule over us, although it is worth knowing that behind the scenes of human history there is the unlawful ruler of this world described above.

I will describe one more unfavorable phenomenon related to the false god of our world. Namely, Satan has brought about a kind of "concreting" of our world. He cut us off permanently from our True Father, thus taking control of unaware people. The worst part is that he has also confused the religious leaders, who teach us that God will someday declare the end of the world through the final judgment of God's Son. As the main religious denominations teach, the reign of evil is supposed to end.

Essenceism, opposing this wishful solution to the problem of evil, claims that only humans are called to remove Satan from our world. Such an attempt has already been made once with the participation of Jesus Christ; what I wrote about above. By correcting the mistake of two thousand years ago, we should create a situation that would allow man to be reborn on Earth without any dependence on Satan, that is, the Son of God, just like Jesus Christ. This cannot be avoided, because the original concept of the Creator also predicted the emergence of a good world from the birth on Earth of a man and a woman having only the original personality received from the Creator. If we do not understand this situation, the "concrete state" may be forever in which we will have the reign of the false god of this world forever.







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