The Forerunner of Theory of Eternal Existence

The topics on this page represent the main points that make up the theory of eternal existence:

1. Its paradigm

2. Axioms

3. Assumption

4. Theses and hypotheses

5. Existential judgments

6. Goals

7. Main concepts

So, this website is comprehensive developing the basic concepts of the theory of eternal existence.

This website is open to the opinions of every participant in the discussion. Thus, it is also a scientific and religious discussion forum, which presents progressive views and independent opinions about God, about the universe, about man, about the spiritual world and about the present state of the world.

At the beginning, it is worth starting any thinking about the truth about man and the universe by making sure that we are not animals. We are, in some simplification, at the opposite extreme leading from the intelligent, eternal and perfect First Cause, called in this theory the Original Being. Therefore, the train of thought leads from the eternal existence of the Original Being, goes through the process of formation of matter, its successive inorganic and organic forms, described by science, then through the moment of the creation of life and writing it down in the DNA code, through successive life forms leading to primates. This sequence ends with our presence in the universe. So we are creatures based on the biological structure, although in reality we are a reflection of the qualities and qualities of the Original Being. This means that we are as eternal as He, our Creator.

This is a basic truth and a starting point for further efforts to obtain answers to the most important questions in human life.

It is true that the human body is similar to the body of animals, but this is a secondary similarity.

The entire civilization created by humanity is completely different from the animal world and is completely different. Animals did not create any civilization, while the progress of civilization is his "daily bread" for man. Developing various branches of culture and art, expanding education and knowledge, progress in industry and agriculture, these are everyday activities of humanity. This puts man far above other beings in nature and makes him a "god" rather than an animal.

All this civilization creativity results from the fact that the right person is a being in a physical body, which is only a material basis for his daily existence. It is this being in our body that creates civilization and constantly develops it; and that being is the right man. And it can be like this forever if we don't do anything stupid. Besides, this creature has eternity in nature, because he still strives for eternity and builds a civilization with eternity in mind.

This creature is each of us. We still touch eternity, and therefore we still touch the concept of God as an eternal Being, as the Source of ourselves. This is how we come to the concept of God the Creator and Heavenly Father.

If we were animals, we would not need any Transcendent God, and in our head there would only be a thought about food, some sleeping and breeding hole, and possibly instinctively following the leader of the herd.

Meanwhile, for centuries, mankind has been looking for God, gets to know different visions about Him, creates various denominations and religions, and thus slowly comes closer to full knowledge of Him.

It is the purpose of my considerations to take a small step in this direction.


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