Chapter 20

The souce of the Theory - Original Being

The theory of eternal existence, based on the assumption of the existence of a state beyond time and space, creates knowledge about the First Cause of all things, called the Original Being. These findings resulted from the analyzes of the essenceism system, which I have been presenting for several years. Below, I once again quote the arguments used in the first book on essenceism to explain this assumption.

I started with the fact that the Creator of all things cannot "fit" in the space-time understood as the cosmos we study. Gone are the days of placing Him on a golden throne above the clouds, reigning among the angels blowing trumpets to Him. Theories that place Him somewhere in the cosmos, among the stars, have also failed. The "religious" explanation that the invisible God is everywhere loses its meaning in our time, where scientific research shows no spiritual phenomena in cosmos. Also, the assertion that God somehow exists among us and that he sees everything can only be an act of faith. It can also be seen that nowadays a large part of humanity does not accept the dogmatic faith proclaimed by religions. Rather, people choose the point of view of the science of the lack of evidence for the existence of God. So it is easier to agree with the claims of scientists that, from their point of view, God does not exist.

However, we are still driven by an unquenchable desire to know the truth about the existence or non-existence of God. During the Middle Ages, it was imagined that the Earth was covered with a sapphire dome of the sky studded with stars. Above it was supposed to hover God with his angels. Some even wanted to wander all the way to the edge of the sky's contact with the flat Earth, to look beyond it and see what was there. Now, with a new understanding of the beginning of the universe, many of us would like to go back 13.8 billion years to "see" what was before the supposed Big Bang. They would like to know what this mysterious initial singularity is, from which all forms of matter and energy in the space-time of the universe later developed. In short, they would like to check what was in a primal state beyond time and space. Perhaps they would also like to see if God is there. I too would like to do that. That's why I follow the progress of modern science very closely.

According to the claims of most scientists, the universe once came into existence, that is, it had its beginning. And what was before? Before that, there was something that is difficult to define in scientific terms. The Bible calls it formless and desolate, and says that before the creation of the world there was darkness everywhere.


Approaching this situation in terms of the theory of eternal existence, one has to call this physically indefinite and unlimited "space" a state beyond time and space. This means that neither time flows in it nor there are any spatial structures. There are also no reference points, distances, and no physical phenomena occur in it. This state corresponds to the first and second principles of the essenceism system about the structurelessness and timelessness of this sphere. So it is the realm of eternity and infinity. It is there that the theory of eternal existence "places" the Creator, i.e. the original Being mentioned in the title. This "place" harmonizes with His attributes, for He is eternal, infinite, and absolute. He is as if integrated with this sphere, because according to the theory of eternal existence, He pervades it with His Personality. You can say that He is everywhere in her. There is also His Energy of the First Cause and all the Laws and Principles created from His Personality. This means that the Original Being completely occupies a sphere beyond time and space. From Him, that is, from this sphere, everything comes. This means that the universe "was born" from it, which is seen in the figure below as emerging from "darkness" from a state beyond time and space.


It was noticing the limited time of existence of the universe through the discovery of its supposed starting point that created for me the impulse leading to the assertion of the existence of a reality beyond time and space. Seeing no better solution, I concluded that this sphere must be the source of the singularity point. Meanwhile, for scientists, this point is the beginning of time and space without the possibility of referring to what was before.

In the absence of science's ability to take a stand on the aforementioned singularity, I allowed myself to delve further into the topic of the situation existing before the Great Beginning. As a result, my theory took seriously the possibility of the existence of a state beyond time and space as the only meaningful "place of residence" of the Creator. Only this state, despite the lack of physical tools to investigate its existence, can be the source sphere for the universe. Repeating myself, I say that this sphere surrounds the universe, or otherwise, the whole universe is in it. Thus, the theory of eternal existence took as its assumption the existence of this sphere as the source state for the universe. Only this sphere can be attributed to the eternal existence of a state from infinity to infinity, unlimited in space and time, both in the past, in the present and in the future. It is the same in the case of the existence of the Original Being. He, as the First Cause, must exist from infinity to infinity. It can therefore be said that the state beyond time and space is His eternal, natural and ideal "environment" of existence. It is His "abode". Only in it can we imagine Him as existing forever and ever.

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The novelty of the theory of eternal existence means that it describes the only proper reality in which the Original Being can "reside". My imagination tells me that this "place" is located around the space-time of the universe, that is, that the universe "swims" in a sphere beyond time and space. Since, according to the theory of eternal existence, the Original Being fills the entire state beyond time and space, it means that the universe is inside this state, as if inside Him. This suggests that the Original Being is directly present only in the sphere beyond time and space, and only His "products" exist in the space-time of the universe.

The above understanding of the simultaneous existence of two realities, that is, a time-limited space-time and a time-space-limited sphere, led to the final conclusion that the universe emerged from this sphere. In addition, it entitles to the statement that an infinite number of universes could have emerged from this sphere. However, to prevent the urge to speculate too far, I stick to our one universe that has emerged from this sphere for the time being.

From the above reasoning came the main principles of the theory of eternal existence. They say that the Original Being created the universe, life and people from Himself. This is how the statement that the Original Being is the core of the theory of eternal existence should be understood.

In this regard, it is also worth knowing that the eternal spiritual person of man is the only place in the cosmos where the Creator left His direct presence. This means that the Personality of the Original Being initiated the spiritual person of each of us. Following this statement and taking into account the results of the analyzes of my theory about the absence of the Original Being in our world, it should be stated that a spiritual person inherent in a physical person belongs to the state beyond time and space, because there is its eternal future. Therefore, the right place for a man in the form of a spiritual person is the state beyond time and space. Being physically on Earth is for us a short but necessary period of our eternal life.

To sum up, according to the analysis carried out for this theory by the essenceism system, the Original Being is the One True Reality. From it comes the concept of reality intended for people. Within this concept, He shaped for humanity a place of development to perfection, which is the Earth. It is an "entrance" to the ideal spiritual world, i.e. to the state beyond time and space. It would be good if it became the Garden of Eden again.











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