Chapter 6

God’s Omnipotence - Energy of the First Cause

For the sake of the credibility of this study, one should ask the question: how does this established Causal Being, which is also the source of all things, carry out its activity? Does He have the type of creative building material associated with the proper creative power that we know? As part of the answer to these questions, there is a need to find some point of attachment, from which one could begin to know something existing beyond time and space, and at the same time Someone invisible, more powerful than anything else.

This point of entry, and at the same time the starting point for further steps, should be energy.

Energy is a quantity or a state that does not quite fit into the laws of physics we know. It is the primary energy, not yet processed in any other form. Scientists, unable to determine its original character, call it a peculiarity. You could say that because it is both physical and metaphysical in the sense of what is beyond physics. This means that it is a phenomenon that functions both in space-time and beyond time and space. For science, we discover it only when it appears on the borderline of the world of physics, as if out of nowhere. Then we learn about its advanced transformations in the form of nuclear, thermal, kinetic or potential energy. Only then can we speak about the existence of measurable energy in time and space. We can analyze it, measure it and convert it into other physical values. However, when we return to its original form, it escapes from the control of existing research tools, because it behaves differently from all other typical physical quantities. It remains undetermined, even mysterious, such as dark energy. You cannot create it in any other way than by transforming it from another form. You cannot add anything to it to increase its quantity in the universe. In the end, you cannot destroy it, because it would require moving it out of the universe.

In the universe, we are constantly changing matter into energy or some form of energy into others. However, we cannot change energy into matter. However, such a fact occurred in the case of the Big Bang and on a cosmic scale. People did not do it nor could it be the same. Some scientists say that the universe could have created itself. In my study I do not use irrational methods. The main research motive for me is both a rational argument, that is, that the universe could not arise from nothing, and empirically, that so far no case has been found that something could arise from nothing. Since I cannot include miracles in my argumentation, I am obliged to state that the universe must have a source of energy. I identify it with the Energy of the First Cause, also called God's Omnipotence, which is the basic attribute of the Creator.

If such An Original Being, which presents essenceism, really exists, then it should be "integrated" with "creative material", that is, have the Energy of the First Cause. As it has already been marked, this Energy must be His necessary attribute. We can say that if we came to the conclusion that everything had to come from energy. The energy of the First Cause functions both in the sphere beyond time and space as well as in the sphere of space-time, while in the latter it transforms into specific forms of energy or matter learned and analyzed by scientific methods. You can also guess that some of its states are in the form of dark energy or dark matter. We no longer have to believe that there was an inexplicable miracle of creating the world out of nothing. The situation described above allows nowadays to make progress in a fuller understanding of God as the Eternal Source of all things, that is our Creator. In further parts of this study I will use more "religious" concepts. For example, I will call the universe the physical world and the realm beyond the time and space of the spiritual world.


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