Chapter 35

The innovation of the theory of eternal existence

created by the essenceism system

Let me start by saying that in order to present my theory, I introduced terms unknown in everyday language to describe it. This is especially true of the innovative name of God as the Original Being, which means the Personal First Cause or the Creator. As part of the scientific definition of the Original Being, I clearly defined His features, attributes and qualities. I also defined the essence of His Personality as the Heart, which is the Eternal Source of His activity. I replaced the religious spiritual world with the concept of a sphere beyond time and space. It is also innovative to describe the proper personality of a person. This means that I replaced the concept of the soul with the concept of a spiritual person. According to essenceism, a spiritual person is a "part" of the Creator's Personality, and therefore is eternal just like Him. This resulted in a different description than before of the process of man's coming into the world and then his transition to eternal life in a reality beyond time and space. Therefore, I defined many names and terms differently than they were used in religion and philosophy. For example, I described Divine Providence as the operation of God's laws leading us to perfection.

The novelty of essenceism also applies to many terms used in science. It is not only about the sense of the creation of the universe's space-time or the precise definition of the initial singularity and the appearance of energy and matter. My analytical system also introduced an innovative approach to the concept of scientific superforce, which gave the first impulse to the creation of the universe. I replaced it with the concept of the Original Power of Love, which is the main driving force of the Original Being. An interesting fact is that subatomic interactions served me as models of parental, marital, childhood and friendly love as interpersonal "interactions".

As part of the analysis of the bad beginning of our world, I showed that there was a reversal in the opposite direction of the Original Force of Love, which is the eternal source of good. This created a power of power that has been generating evil since the beginning of the world's history. Thanks to this, it was possible to logically explain the existence of Satan and his dominant role over all humanity. Therefore, descriptions of phenomena concerning the future fate of humanity are also innovative. This is especially about Satan's activity and his influence on political and religious power. The personality, mission and role of angels were also explained anew. This also applies to a different understanding of the person, actions and words of Jesus Christ than before.

The task of essenceism is therefore a new explanation of who God is, where He is and what His activity is. Of course, humanity is familiar with the statement that the Creator is the Absolute, Eternity, Perfection, and therefore also absolute Good. However, the novelty of the theory of eternal existence lies in the fact that it describes the only proper reality that can be "filled" by the Original Being. My imagination told me that this "place" was located around the space-time of the universe, meaning that the universe seemed to "float" in a sphere beyond time and space. Since, according to my system, the Original Being fills the entire state beyond time and space, it means that He surrounds the universe on all sides. This suggests that the Original Being is directly present only in a state beyond time and space, and only His "products" exist in the space of the universe.

As a result of logical analyzes of the essenceism system, it can also be concluded that the True God cannot interfere in our evil civilization, called hell. She's just anti-God. The Creator cannot interfere with something he did not create, because otherwise he would take responsibility for the fall of man and for the present world, which he never had in his plans. If the perfect Creator were to involve himself in the bad and imperfect state of reality, he would give it the status of good and perfection, which is contrary to His principles. Essenceism constantly points out that God's perfection cannot be modified by imperfect people, even if they use the concept of God's mercy in this matter. In this case, it can be said that the Original Being cannot acknowledge the creation of evil, that is, it does not know it and does not analyze it. He is simply not a participant in our civilization. We entered the zone of evil, and the Creator lost sight of us for some time and is still waiting for us. In the Original Reality that exists beyond time and space, time does not pass, while we do not have enough of it to achieve perfection.

The novel statement that the Creator knows no evil may come as a shock to those who believe that their God is all-knowing, that is, knows everything. Although religions present such a God, essenceism firmly claims that the scope of His omniscience has an exception that concerns the state of existence of evil. This state is an abyss that cannot exist for Him. This means that a new reality, i.e. unknown to Him, was created outside the Creator. It is like a cancer "attached" to the original world planned by the Creator. You could call it hell. In general, we must realize that the Creator does not observe our behavior, does not evaluate us on an ongoing basis and does not wait after our death to punish those who have done something inconsistent with His laws. For He is not our janitor or policeman, but rather a perfectly good and loving Father.

Summarizing the above statements, I explain that through my system, essenceism I propose a revolutionary analysis of reality regarding the world, human history and the proper personality of a human being. In addition, I am reconstructing the teaching of Jesus Christ, which has been blurred and distorted by theologians and Christian hierarchs for two thousand years. Finally, my system explains what the original reality of humanity is, coming from the Creator.

Analyzing the topics covered by my system and realizing its novelty, I provided definitions of all new concepts and names used in my research on phenomena that are usually of interest to scientists, philosophers, and especially theologians. I have done all this in the interest of maintaining the scientific nature of the claims I make on my websites and in my books. In this way, I took on the responsibility of explaining matters that have been the subject of science, philosophy and religion for centuries. It is these areas that should assume the main responsibility for working towards the salvation of the world. It pains me to say that they actually don't.












 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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