Chapter 33

Cosmic vision of reality

First, I would like to recall the scientific vision of reality, according to which the cosmos began its existence by transforming the energy released in the Big Bang into elementary particles. From them, matter was created, the building material of the entire universe. Now there are billions of stars in billions of galaxies. There are countless planets around these stars that can provide good living conditions. Theoretically, a very large number of planets could be a place for humans to live. We should know all this by now. Therefore, instead of claiming that the endless cosmos is a dead desert, one can assume that it is the eternal place of life for humans. Essenceism puts it that way!

The only sensible answer to the question of why the universe was created is that it was created for people. It is about an environment intended for the proper formation and maturity of their eternal spiritual persons. Our world should, therefore, ensure the perfection provided for eternal spiritual beings, and more precisely those who have the dignity of daughters and sons of God. This can only happen in a biological environment. Therefore, this process should take place on planets with appropriate conditions for it. Then, after gaining full maturity and after rejecting a physical person on the "native land", any spiritual person could "become physical" on any planet in space adapted to life. There, eternal spiritual persons would experience the endless adventure of life. According to essenceism, this would be a great prospect, especially if we have a relatively short period of physical life on Earth.

In my assumptions, I go even further and say that on these planets biological life may be the same as on Earth, and the people living on them may be exactly the same as us. God, the Original Being, or Personal First Cause, is perfect. From the beginning, he prepared a perfect concept of life for human beings. Since we look like this with us, we have such organisms and such nature around us, it must be assumed that it is the final and perfect concept of the Creator, which should be reproduced in other places in the cosmos. Thus, the inhabitants of all inhabited planets form a similar model of reality. They should have the same appearance as us, the same organisms, and the same as us carry eternal spiritual persons. You don't need to imagine anything else. The existence of strange-looking aliens is more of a fairy tale designed for entertainment. Note that the Earth exhibits the excellent qualities of a fully thought through celestial body destined to nurture an infinite number of human generations. The same may be true of individual planets orbiting their stars throughout the cosmos.

There is a good chance, resulting from the calculus of probability, that there may be a lot of such "Earths", because the Creator is still active and unlimited in anything. These human-inhabited planets can be the great universal school of life in which people grow up to the perfection equal to the Creator. There is no doubt that the purpose of the "spiritual" and eternal God is to educate spiritual and eternal people. Thus, their physical life on individual "Earths" is needed only for the time they come to perfection. Thanks to this solution, the spiritual world becomes a common place of eternal life for spiritual people who can come from different planets in the cosmos. It is in him that they will live "alongside" the Original Being.

I am bothered by the same question other explorers of the universe ask themselves. Why do we know nothing about the fact that there are other human civilizations in space? This is where we have a problem. It may be that only our planet has stopped developing and only on it, among millions of others, evil has arisen. Could the presence of evil be the reason for the fact that we are not aware of the existence of other life in the universe? It's a pity we don't know that. For now, there is an objective reason for the lack of knowledge about other places to live in space. The reason is clear: we just can't know about it at our current level of technology. Since distances counted in millions of light years separate us from other planets inhabited by people, their identification and communication with them are not yet possible.

However, there may be an even deeper reason for the explanations given above. It results from the fact that from the beginning, the Creator's goal was only one common spiritual world for all places in the cosmos where human life takes place. Therefore, with such a concept, communication between places where people would only go through a short period of growth to perfection was not essential. After this period, their fully formed, perfect spiritual persons were to live wherever they wanted. The future for people was to be situated in the spiritual world, not on "their" planets. After all, for their spiritual persons, the whole sphere, apart from time and space, is open. The Creator has established that each of us is an eternal partner and a beloved child for Him. We, in turn, can reciprocate this love for Him. This is what each of us should be for Him. If this is not the case, then it is worth bringing about it.

Summarizing this chapter, I would like to finally refer to its title. The universe was created because the Creator needed a fully unlimited environment from the very beginning to initiate the first phase of life for human beings. At the same time, the spiritual sphere functioning on the basis of reality beyond time and space is the only form of life for the Original Being and for all other spiritual beings, including, of course, for people. Only in this dimension can we speak of the fact that people are created "in the Image and likeness of God." So living in an unlimited and infinite realm together with the Father-Creator is the ultimate form of human existence.

Is there any chance that such a broad vision, so far forward-looking, will be properly understood by everyone and be considered as a real picture of the universe? Hope it can happen. One can still ask how to make this idea credible? Unfortunately, this cannot be done yet. Therefore, I am based on the fact that the Original Being has always and forever existed and that it will eventually achieve Its goal. Thus, the vision of the universe managed by people is our destiny, even if it were to be realized only in the distant future.






 Essenceism -

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