Chapter 31

Value of the individual level

Our civilization plays out on all possible levels of life, from the personal to the global. Evil appeared at the very beginning of history when humanity moved beyond the individual level. It was initiated between the first two people and the Archangel, their protector. Thus, the source of evil appeared at the level of interdependence between him and a man and a woman. After this event, all the next levels of civilization: family, national or world were already created in the evil world under the authority of Satan, which spread his evil. For now, there is no better explanation as to why evil is so stubbornly accompanying mankind, which longs for good and happiness.

In this case, only the individual level, when Adam symbolically walked with God in the Garden of Eden, has the remnant of the state of the presence of the Original Being in our world. Therefore, essenceism proposes a process of salvation based on the individual work of "missionaries-globetrotters". How to implement this concept is described in the fourth book about my system. Its subtitle is "Vision not from this world". It was there that I introduced those who are the only ones who can free themselves from Satan's rule and begin to teach about salvation that ends the existence of evil. There, I found that these people should learn to follow Jesus Christ first. It's the kind of loneliness that He experienced even after He had His apostles around Him. You can see that he trained them to go out into the world and teach his gospel, just like him. They were not to create churches, churches, and temples, but to be among the people and teach as their Master, the First Passover, did. He well knew that Satan still rules the world. Hence, the expansion of Christianity based on structures at levels under Satan's control had to lead to a gradual degradation of this religion over time.

Essenceism confirms the evident fact that the vision of Jesus Christ based on the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven coming from the Creator has not been realized. In addition, according to this system, it may not happen until we change our bad reality, which began with tragic events at the very beginning of human history. Of course, many people don't think that about it. Rather, they believe that no matter what happened at the beginning of our history, the world continues to develop as if nothing special had happened. It was just meant to be, although believers add that these were God's plans. Besides, most often we do not think about whether the world should develop differently.

However, it is worth drawing conclusions from this. Essenceism shows that at the very beginning of human history, the concept of the Creator has stood still and has not made progress since then. A completely different development of our civilization took place, which was inspired by the "evil father of humanity". That is why essenceism calls our world hell, although we do not see devils running around with pitchforks.

Thus, at the very beginning of history, the realm of good stopped and the realm of evil began to form. From that time on, people who were spiritually steered by the forces of evil began to build the present civilization, in which the family, generational, social, national, etc. level was created. At these levels, a reality other than God's one exists from the very beginning. This is because the Creator interacts only with the reality created by Him, and this only concerns the individual spirituality of man. Only due to the fact that we have a spiritual person born of Him, there is still a weak level of awareness of the existence of "pure good" coming from the Creator. Despite the enormous efforts of Jesus Christ, the concept of an ideal world is still on an individual level.

Now I would like to re-examine the concept of Jesus in terms of its understanding by potential "globetrotters". Jesus began a forty-day fast in the desert, challenging Satan to a duel. He had to do this to prove the superiority of the Son of God over the fallen Archangel. Of course, Jesus "started" from a completely different position than us, because He did not have a fallen nature in Him. We, having it, can, however, take advantage of the help of the Son of God and His individual victory over the old Archangel Lucifer. You just have to tell Jesus about it, without any prayer formulas: “Jesus, Son of God, I want to save this world from evil, so be with me, lead me according to Your will. Know that in doing this, I must face Satan, just like you. Be with me constantly and support me. Besides, this is what Jesus himself did when he turned to his Father, the One who is also our Father. Hence, in the present situation, due to our fallen nature, it is best to use the mediation of the Son of God. For additional support, it is good to have contact with your guardian angel. Everyone has him, no doubt. All you have to do is name it and refer to it all the time. I wrote about the presence of a guardian angel with each of us in my previous works. This fact follows logically from the concept of creation made by the Original Being. Therefore, it is worthwhile to properly understand His existence and the beings that support His children, so as not to feel lonely.

Thus, praying to God or summoning good forces from the spiritual world in matters higher than the individual level may not have logical justification. This is especially true of world, national, economic or political matters. For example, calling on God to free a nation from occupation by a hostile regime makes no sense. It concerns a state that is completely contrary to His concept, that is, a state of evil about which He knows nothing. Our reality is therefore different than in the Creator's plans. Therefore, we cannot experience true happiness on levels higher than the individual, and even there the state of this feeling is limited and transient. You can see it happily in love or having a personal experience of happiness.

To sum up, the level of God's Providence, that is the level of God's laws known by us, leading everyone to perfection, concerns only the individual level. Only on it can the human sphere of good be based. Higher social levels, if they are to be consistent with the Creator's concept, should be created only by individuals who have made significant progress in the development of personal perfection. This is the main piece of advice for "globetrotters".






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