Chapter 31

Conditions of salvation

The idea of ​​salvation generally means a long process of transition from the state of a fallen world, in which there is evil and in which the "master" is Satan, to the state originally foreseen by the Creator. So salvation is about the emergence of a good world under God's sovereignty. Colloquially, it means a type of repair or renovation. In religious terminology, which applies to this entire chapter, it can also mean resurrection, that is, returning to life with God.

In this part of my study I will try to analyze the religious conditions under which humanity can be fully saved and a world devoid of evil can come. Their analysis is directed primarily to Judaism, Islam and Christianity, as these religions should focus on working out the conditions for the birth of the Savior. Below I present the so-called boundary conditions needed to analyze the analyzed process.

The first and basic level of analysis is based on the fact that God is a perfect Creator and His Will, originally established, should be realized, no matter what situation Adam, Eve, and Archangel Lucifer brought about. God is changeless and His original plan should be realized because He is a perfect plan, just like Himself.

The second level of analysis of this phenomenon is based on the explanation of the situation in the Garden of Eden. Adam was without sin, and in that state he should have attained the level of a perfect man. Among other things, as a son of God, he was to demonstrate his superiority over the world of angels. The Creator gave him a life partner, Eve, subject to the same criteria because she was also a daughter of God. Together, they were to create the perfect first married couple. For the time being, the purpose of this analysis is not to show whether there were any such two people at all. This time it is only about the methodological aspect. Therefore, in order to initiate the salvation of the world, we need the reborn Adam, or the Son of God, and the reborn Eve, or the Daughter of God. This is an absolutely crucial and fundamental condition for the salvation of mankind.

The third level of analysis of the concept of salvation is based on the conclusions of the mission of Jesus Christ. He was born in a chosen people who worked out the coming of the Messiah. At the very beginning of the mission, He showed His personal perfection by overcoming the temptation of Satan. At the same time, this act showed His superiority over the world of angels. So He could confirm His authority as the Son of God, and thus restore the position of Adam. As a result of this act, Jesus Christ became the beginning of a new sinless human race.

The fourth level of my analysis of the phenomenon of salvation concerns the necessary participation of people and angels in this process. Essenceism has shown that salvation is not an unexpected grace from God. The Creator's participation in this process can only be indirect, that is, rely on the action of His Providence, that is, His Laws. This action is to support the return of humanity to the symbolic Garden of Eden, i.e. to His world. This should take place in response to the victory over Satan worked out by the Savior, people and angels.

The fifth level of analysis deals with the ways to identify the Returning Savior, as explained below.

Since both the First Adam and Second Adam were born on Earth, the Returning Savior should also be born on Earth. The first Adam evidently had a pure, non-evil lineage inherited from God. The pure pedigree of the Second Adam, Jesus of Nazareth, was successively earned by the nation of Israel, or rather certain figures of the Old Testament. These responsible persons, with their faith, action, and especially the fulfillment of the conditions of God's Providence, cleared Jesus' generational line of evil. In their time, they received support from angels, as their participation was a condition for the success of the human mission. These accomplishments meant that at the birth of Jesus, it was not possible to introduce Satan's fallen nature into His personality. As a result of these joint preparations, Archangel Gabriel was able to communicate to Mary the conception of the Son of God.

If we are to name the future Savior, he can be the Third Adam. But it's best to call Him the Returning Savior. In preparation for his coming, participants in the various faiths of the modern era, including saints and martyrs, sacrificed themselves to cleanse the womb of evil from the womb of the woman from which he could be born. In my opinion, none of the recently emerging "messiahs" can show birth from the womb of a woman isolated from Satan's interference, that is, having a divine lineage. Therefore, we can safely not bother with them. In addition, this Returning Savior should demonstrate his superiority and authority over the world of angels, and above all over Satan, which has not yet been done by any of the "messiahs" I know.

Just as Eve appeared at Adam's side, a woman should appear in the chosen environment of people of faith, as if the Reborn Eve for the Returning Savior. What should happen should be what the Jewish people did not fulfill, which due to a lack of faith did not prepare the foretold Bride for Jesus to be a daughter of God. The key to salvation is therefore not only recognizing and believing in the Returning Savior, but also accepting a partner prepared for Him, whose task will be to restore the position of Eve.

In the original plan of the Creator, Adam and Eve were to be the first ancestors for all mankind, that is, the first parents for the future children of God. And it has to happen in the end. If the Returning Savior and the Reborn Eve appear on Earth again, who will replace Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, they will finally have the opportunity to return to this "garden". This will happen when they achieve personal perfection and create the perfect marriage couple. Then a situation will arise that will give a new beginning to humanity, and Satan will finally lose his position as "the god of this world".

I must add an important point here. As we know, God could not force Adam and Eve to "not eat the fruit" in the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, God could not force Cain not to kill Abel, as well as many other similar cases described in the Bible. Nor could he make people not to kill Christ. Therefore, it will not force any of us to accept the Returning Savior. This is because humanity should exercise its responsibility sovereignly, freely and without any compulsion. Therefore, the responsibility of man, obviously independent of God, is the necessary participation of each of us in the renewal of the world and ourselves. It means fulfilling our most important mission in the world created by the Original Being. Only when fully aware of the need to fulfill this task can a person reach perfection.

The salvation of the world must one day come true, because God's Providence is behind it. However, it does not mean God's interference in a fallen world, but a functioning law of God that will one day be put into practice. Salvation without human effort, and this maximum effort, will not be possible.

The returning Savior, as Jesus did, will save the world by teaching what in religious language means preaching the Word of God. His teaching should gradually spread to the whole world to convince everyone that God is our Father and we are His children. We will then be able to clearly understand how Satan affects our lives. At the same time, as described above, He will rectify the situation in the Garden of Eden. As a result, humanity will return to its roots again. We will become God's children, and Archangel Lucifer and his angels will return to the role of servants of Heavenly Father and people. Then the Creator will achieve His goal, that is, the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven in the physical and spiritual world.








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