Chapter 29

Proposed purpose of the scientific research

I will now turn to an evaluation of the activities of mankind as to plans to solve by science the future development of mankind. I dare say that science to some extent wastes its time and potential on research that is supposed to protect our future. This is because it prepares a different place in the universe in case people cannot stay on our planet any longer.

It is said that, according to astrophysicists, we will have to transfer our lives to other, habitable planets. It is supposed to be necessary after the possible exhaustion of Earth's resources or destruction of favorable conditions for life on Earth, including overpopulation of our planet. Space scientists also warn us of a possible cataclysm threatening us from space, for example, by a large asteroid hitting the Earth or by an increased plasma explosion on the Sun causing a deadly solar wind. When we combine these worries with the overpopulation of our planet, with its littering and the pollution of the oceans, we have a very "black" picture of our future. In their appeals, scientists obviously do not take into account the "religious" solution to these problems in the form of salvation. They just want to save the future of the inhabitants of the Earth by scientific methods, because only they know it. Not hoping to change human habits, they try to examine the immediate surroundings of our solar system to find there exoplanets that are friendly to us and that could be inhabited by people fleeing Earth in the future. They spend billions of dollars on interplanetary station projects and on effective space vehicle propulsion that would transport a healthy part of our civilization to safety in a reasonable time. Knowing the numerous difficulties in solving this problem, it is worth cooling the aspirations of scientists, especially astrophysicists and cosmologists.

Looking for grounds for a change in the direction of scientific research, I would like to explain the meaning of the existence of a physical and spiritual human being, who constitute an integrated human being during earthly life. Essenceism after a thorough understanding of the meaning of the creation of man shows that the Creator never intended the physical person of a man to interplanetary journeys. Our body lives too shortly to survive such long journeys, even after many years of hibernation. It is also too gentle in the face of the overloads that exist during the rapid movement of spacecraft. The human body can only with great difficulty endure journeys within the solar system, and not to its end limits. For the Creator, the movement of a physical person to a place other than the home planet never made sense. For this he created an eternal spiritual person who is the right man, so that he could move around the entire universe without any obstacles, without the use of rockets and spaceships, and without wasting time.

A perfect human spiritual person can be instantly anywhere in the universe. It is completely logical and purposeful from the Creator's point of view. His intention was for man to be perfectly prepared to be on any planet adapted to life, on which he could freely stay, taking advantage of the so-called physicalization. As I have already explained in many studies of essenceism, physicalisation is made by a spiritual person, using a physical person of another person. A spiritual person simply joins from the spiritual world to the body of a physical person living on a given planet. Of course, an appropriate mental synchronization with the vital forces of a selected physical person is required, but in the world under the authority of the Original Being, such synchronization would be easy to carry out. Participants in this process would sense who is the right synchronization partner for them.

Having such a wonderful solution to the problem of traveling in the universe to choose from, people should not pay too much attention to space travel over long distances, and above all not waste time and important material resources of our planet for this purpose. Rather, the time, effort, and intellectual capacity of the most gifted people should be allocated to assist in the "cosmic" process of salvation. Maybe this will be needed when we are unable to cope with the "classic" form of salvation that, for example, Jesus Christ tried to accomplish.

I am writing about this "cosmic" process of salvation in a separate chapter. Now I just pay attention to stop looking for a new place for humanity somewhere in space and deal with the problems existing on our planet, in particular the elimination of evil.






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