Chapter  27

The shocking truth about our reality

Judaism, Christianity and Islam maintain a vision of a world in which both God and Satan operate. They explain this by the fact of the simultaneous existence of good and evil within our reality. According to essenceism analyses, this is a false vision. Of course, essenceism confirms that good and evil in various forms permeate our everyday life. However, according to my system, this state excludes the possibility of the participation of the Original Being in our world, because He only knows good. So there is no place for Him among us. Forcing the presence of the Creator in an evil world creates a situation in which He may be identified with Satan.

Let me remind you that the analyzes of essenceism led to the conclusion that we live in a world subject to the power of Satan. Therefore, it can be said that Satan shapes the state of the world, and we are not aware of it. Therefore, increasing knowledge about this phenomenon is a life necessity. Essenceism, assuming the mission of providing true knowledge about the state of the world, shows that we live in a world organized on the initiative of the "ruler of this world". These were the same claims made by Jesus two thousand years ago. If it is true that we were dominated by Satan at the beginning of time, it means that we have long since died spiritually. Therefore, we remain dead to the Heavenly Father and alive to Satan. This is how my system explains that we live in a spiritual hell where there is no True God.

The analysis of the essenceism system reveals a truth about our reality that is so shocking that few people have the courage to accept it. The main point is that our reality only seems to belong to humanity. In my system, I show that it is a state in which not only has the spiritual development of humanity stopped, but it is a permanent mechanism for keeping us in spiritual death. To make people aware of the truth about the state of our world, I am giving below the three most important reasons that led to this situation and which for many may be a shocking truth about our world:

1. Our reality began with a tragedy at the very beginning of human history. It was led to it by the guardian of the first people, Archangel Lucifer. As a result of this event, he became Satan, and people inherited his fallen nature and lust for power. The evil reality has existed unchanged since the beginning of human history, because Satan is the ruler of the world. So we live in the wrong reality.

2. The Creator, i.e. the Original Being, is separated from our reality precisely because of evil. Because he does not know evil, he does not know our earthly reality. Therefore, it does not interfere with any phenomena on Earth. The only exception is that at birth each person is given an eternal spiritual person.

3. The entire effort of Jesus Christ to eliminate Satan from the lives of humanity was wasted. Worse still, it was used by religious leaders to strengthen and maintain their power over the people. This is a shocking truth that religions originating from the Middle East are trying to hide.

Figuratively, we can say that we live under a cloche, cut off from the reality prepared for us by our Creator, i.e. the Heavenly Father.







 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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