Chapter 24

Understanding the personality of God's Son

As the creator of the essenceism I try to use methods based on scientific canons. This attitude was also adopted by my system towards a task that science deals only marginally. This task is to try to obtain proper knowledge about the most important figure of the new era, i.e. Jesus. By imitating the analytical methods used in science, I could try to correct certain facts from His life. After these analyses, I want it to be better understood in today's times.

In my research within essenceism, I did not use the findings of Christian doctrines. Rather, I present the result of independent analyzes conducted by many scholars of the history of religion. They showed that we have a very limited opportunity to gain true knowledge about the person, actions and teachings of Jesus. Everything indicates that the true knowledge about His life and deeds could have been deliberately blurred or even changed. This took place during the long years of the Middle Ages. Therefore, research based on objective results of scientific analyzes requires not entering into pointless disputes with the findings of religious leaders and Christian theologians based on revelations and dogmas of faith that are not subject to analysis regarding their truthfulness.

I would like to remind you that the main goal of essenceism research is to understand the First Cause of All Things, i.e. the Creator. By the very assumption of my system, He has nothing to do with the gods worshiped in various forms in world religions. This is because essenceism is not guided by faith, but operate on a different plane than the creators of religion. Therefore, my analyzes present the Personality of the Creator and the resulting personality of every human being differently than Christian theologians. This also applies to the personality of the figure of Jesus examined here. By the way, I would like to point out that his words and achievements are still the subject of research. In this part, my system presents only partial knowledge about Him. This entails the need to examine concepts that influence the understanding of facts from two thousand years ago.

Firstly, essenceism, by demonstrating that there is an Original Being, i.e. the Creator of the world, life and people, could fulfill Jesus' dreams. The point is that my system has determined quite precisely who the Creator is, what He is like, where He is, and how He created the universe and people. Thanks to this, you can better understand Jesus' claim that the Heavenly Father is in Heaven.

Secondly, essenceism, thanks to the explanation of the God's Personality, also explained the personality of people as the unity of their physical and spiritual person. This means that physical death only means the end of a physical person's life, while a person continues to live eternally as a spiritual person. This rule applies to all humans ever born, including the first son and first daughter of God described in the Bible, as well as the personality of Jesus as the Son of God. This approach allowed us to understand the personality of Jesus with sufficient certainty.

Third, Jesus Christ, like every human being, was born as a person with a body formed in his mother's womb. Just like every human being, His spiritual person developed based on the physical person. Therefore, the findings of essenceism based on knowledge about the Original Being show that Jesus, as the Son of God, had to be human. Therefore, calling Him God makes no sense. It is highly probable that he was the only man in the history of the world who achieved personal perfection. Hence the dignity of the Son of God, which distinguishes Him from each of us.

Fourthly, the above findings allow us to understand that the resurrection of the Son of God means a temporary "physicalization" of his spiritual person. After analyzing essenceism, it can be concluded that this "physicalization" is possible. It has many levels, and in the case of Jesus it means the highest level of this phenomenon.

Fifth, essenceism presents a vision of Jesus as the Son of God with a personality value greater than the value of all humanity subject to Satan's rule. This statement comes from analyzing the history of Israel as a series of efforts by its central figures. Their conscious action and sacrifice, often at the cost of their lives, met a number of conditions that enabled the "pure" birth of Jesus without any connection with Satan. This means that He is a Person devoid of any connection with the Satan. This also means that He is a pure man, i.e. the Son of God born like the first man named Adam. So, He was able to redeem from Satan's power the spiritual persons of people who pass away from the physical world to the spiritual world after death.

Sixth, it could now be demonstrated that, according to the teachings of the Son of God, the Heavenly Father knows no evil, does not interfere in the world under Satan's rule, and does not judge people for their sins arising in a world where Satan is "god".

The starting point in analyzes regarding the personality of Jesus is the figure of the first man. Science cannot point to a specific person, while the tradition of revealed religions points to Adam. The essenceism system does not pay special attention to whether he had such a name, but focuses on the situation in which the Original Being emerged the first spiritual persons from Himself and introduced them to biological bodies. This act, according to my system, was the actual creation of humans. From this moment on, we talk about the appearance of the first two people called children of God. Since then, this process keeps repeating itself, which means that every person is a child of the Original Being. Therefore, the Creator gives each of us a unique spiritual person endowed with an original nature from the moment of birth. It is so and it will always be so. Unfortunately, tragedy struck humanity right after our "protector", i.e. Satan, took over us, taking the place of God. As part of the power over people, simultaneously with the original nature from the Creator, we also receive from the "new god" of humanity a part of his personality in the form of an evil fallen nature, which unfortunately becomes part of the personality of every human being. It should be added that the evil nature is definitely dominant in our personality. This is because its implantation causes the severing of the bond with the Creator, which in essenceism is called spiritual death. Due to this, all people on Earth create a society damaged by evil, which remains constantly under the control of Satan. We live in a kind of hell that is a denial of the concept of reality intended for the Creator's children.

Since Jesus has the dignity of the Son of God, it means that His spiritual person is completely free from the evil nature coming from Satan. Therefore, he does not belong to the world society under the rule of Satan, i.e. people inhabiting the Earth, because as the Son of God he is a different personality than all of us. Jesus belongs to the world resulting from the concept of the Original Being, which some religions call the Kingdom of Heaven. All other people, apart from Jesus, unfortunately do not belong to the world, which is the creative concept of the Original Being. All human personalities were therefore subordinated to the influence of Satan, who deprived each of us of the dignity of a child of God, turning us into fallen beings.

The Son of God is therefore a man who received from the Creator a personality that is not subordinated to Satan. Jesus, as the Son of God, remains constantly in a state of full connection with the Heavenly Father, even though he lived in physical life among people who have an "earthly" personality burdened with the influence of Satan, i.e. fallen nature. After analyzing the essenceism system, it can be said that the practical difference between people living on Earth under the control of Satan and the Son of God is that people use the power of power inherited from Satan, while Jesus only used the power of love inherited from the Creator. So it had nothing to do with the power of power. Thanks to this, we have a basis for understanding His life, deeds and the content contained in His teachings.










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