Chapter 23

The beginning of mankind

We know that science, describing the origins of humanity, shapes the image of the evolutionary transformation of great apes into the homo sapiens species. There are different dates of the appearance of the first ancestor of humanity, starting from several hundred thousand years, and ending with much closer to us period. There are also different methods of determining what the first ancestor should be and who can be considered the right individual deserving of this name. The easiest way to "blur" its beginning with the help of various hypotheses and theories, and then everyone will find something that will satisfy him. This is because science does not yet have a common criterion in this matter.  It's a bit weird that we cannot unanimously determine who a human really is. Meanwhile, looks are furred figures, a bit similar to a human being, which in hundreds of thousands of years have turned into a contemporary human race. Archaeological findings concerning individual individuals, such as Neanderthal or other hominids, are supposed to prove the evolutionary transformation of animal form into the form of modern man. These beings gradually formed homes, then larger buildings, and finally built whole cities.  When objects like the pyramids appeared, it became clear that we were dealing with a human being similar to us. Is this what really happened? Perhaps. There are various hypotheses, but no one has yet received full acceptance.

Religions, especially Christianity, create a completely different vision of the origins of humanity. Christian vision is based on the biblical story of the first two people, Adam and Eve.  According to it, God made a man from clay, or else from the dust of the earth, and then revived him with His "breath". Then, when he was sleeping, He took out a rib from him, so as to create a woman based on it. It turns out that such an image is sufficient for the vast majority of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Besides, similar stories existed in the oldest testimonies of ancient cultures, as well as in particular religions in various corners of the world.

The most surprising thing is the uncritical acceptance of the ancient history taking place in the Garden of Eden and talking about a couple of his young inhabitants strolling among the trees in a specially prepared environment for them. Unfortunately, I know that such a vision, lacking proper knowledge and imagination, does not raise any doubts in most adult people. I suggest, however, to think a bit analytically to correctly understand this most important period in the history of mankind.

I suppose that making clay from a human being is a metaphor marking the evolutionary formation of the human body by the Creator. It is about such an organism, for example, a humanoid that would be ready to accept the already mentioned "breath" from the Creator, or the beginning of a spiritual person.

Indeed, the Creator could use the chosen female womb of the most developed monkey species or even the female humanoid. At birth, such a newborn would have to receive a spiritual person from the Creator, which would be the proper creation of "Adam" and which would result in a completely different animal personality development. This is not about the fact that a newborn baby could be kept alive by a female animal, which has already been noted by science, but about the creation of a spiritual person from the Creator within the biological organism.

From that moment, the biological and mental development of newborns, i.e. the supposed Adam and Eve, ran completely differently than the animal ones. The creator could not entrust their upbringing to animals, because He meant His children. He created angels, whose aim was precisely to bring to perfection his children and accompany them for eternity as servants. Hence in the Garden of Eden the presence of angels, and above all the main educator of Adam and Eve, the wisest among the archangels, Lucifer. Nothing could happen by accident, because everything resulted from the decision of the perfect Creator. This also concerned the Archangel and other angels. There also happened later events called the fall of people and, in my opinion, the fall with them Archangel Lucifer.

How, then, reconcile the scientific and religious version? I suppose that if it does not "penetrate" into the personality of a human being or look behind the "Big Bang" curtain, there will be no chance to fully understand the most important puzzles tormenting humanity, the origin of the universe, the source of life and eternity in man.

Taking an example from scientists who mathematically determined the Big Bang moment, you can calculate approximately when the first pair of people on Earth were to be considered as our ancestors. It is enough to describe the algebraic function (for example a parabola) of the growth of the number of people living from the earliest times to the present. For their level of intelligence, one can take the average between Gilgamesh's reason, the everyday wisdom of ancient Greeks and the resourcefulness of modern high school students. Placed on the time coordinate, the starting point of this curve, which is the closest to zero, would allow to find with some approximation the period of appearance of people who would deserve this name.

From the religious side, the proper level of humanity is associated with the existence of an intelligent human couple able to discuss with the biblical Serpent about the ban on eating the fruit in the Garden of Eden. This conversation shows their proper level of humanity. It is not worth using any calculations if and when a "Neanderthal" became a modern man. It is worth setting the initial conditions for the first man and the first woman, who should be called Adam and Eve, and who could be treated as modern people. I believe that the phenomenon of the origin of the universe, the appearance of life in nature and the occurrence of eternity in a man should have an effect similar to the Big Bang. In my opinion, these three phenomena mentioned above have the character of a rapid realization in the form of an act of creation. It is easy to talk about the sudden rise of the universe on the Big Bang, but it is much harder to indicate the moment of recovery of matter, which began the development of living cells of plants and animals. Of course, I understand what evolution is all about. However, I came to the conclusion that the appearance of hereditary life in nature must have its source in the primary energy coming from the Creator. This means that at some point He "poured" His "breath" into the matter. I have written about the introduction of a spiritual person to a nascent physical person in the form of a creative act before and I will write about it in further chapters. In summary, I say that the biblical figures of Adam and Eve hide the first unique human individuals who received a "breath" from the Original Being in the form of a spiritual person.

I would like the above reasoning to open a common path for scholars and religious researchers. In the event that they learn the cause of the Big Bang and the origin of life, we will no longer stand helplessly in front of the "wall" separating the world of space-time from the world beyond time and space. Also for centuries, the spirituality recognized by religion indicates that in the case of appearance in nature, it is good to take into account not only scientific arguments, but also those derived from the sphere into which science does not yet have instrumental access.









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