Chapter 18

Cancer of totalitarianism versus democracy

The analytical system of essenceism suggests that the pure idea of ​​democracy arose from observations of how the biological state of man works. This means that the functioning of an individual is a true model of democracy. The plane for our body's operation is the skeletal and muscular systems, which are moved by the nervous system, the central point of which is the brain. When it comes to ongoing life support, we have three main systems: respiratory, circulatory and digestive. The human body certainly cannot function without any of these systems and without their harmonious cooperation. However, for these three life-sustaining body systems to work together to maintain vital functions, they must operate separately from each other. Therefore, the penetration of one of them into the other most often causes death. For example, you can choke on food that enters your lungs. It is equally dangerous for blood to enter the digestive or respiratory system, as its presence there often means dangerous internal bleeding. Therefore, these three systems must be separated from each other in order to constitute one healthy human body.

According to the essenceism system, the state body in a democratic system should function just like the human body. The state operates in a given area connected by communication systems resembling the human body. Citizens living in the country unite in political parties. Their activity may resemble the functioning of the nervous system in our body. Political power can be compared to the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems that support our lives. This comparison suggests that the state should separate three authorities: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary. We can only talk about democracy when these authorities, controlling each other, act separately and do not interfere with each other's competences. By the very principle of democracy, these authorities should cooperate on the basis of the constitution, be equal to each other and be elected by the majority of citizens. Then we have a healthy state body.

Unfortunately, democracy is quite a fragile structure because it is based on the honest behavior of politicians who should avoid lying, stealing public funds, not abusing power, etc. Seeing how various totalitarianisms destroy the structures of democracy, we can compare it to the state when the human body destroys malignant tumor.

In fact, we can only expect true democracy in an ideal world under the patronage of a Creator who can be compared to the human brain. At the same time, His laws shaping nature could be compared to the principles shaping a healthy human body. Therefore, their analysis would be the basis for a universally binding constitution. Unfortunately, this still remains a dream. However, no one can be prevented from dreaming about it, because dreams may come true one day. For now, we rather have a "different brain", but more on that below.

Observations of human history show that democracy may be threatened by totalitarianism, which is a system thanks to which evil still thrives in the world. Totalitarianism as a political dictatorship is the complete denial of democracy. He rules through fear and coercion. It treats man as an animal that can be subjugated, then taught to behave appropriately, and finally made obedient to the authorities. This system claims to want to help people by introducing law, order and justice, but in fact it strives to take full control over the lives of individuals and entire societies. He is constantly looking for enemies to justify the need for his existence. He considers only the values he chooses to be good. He often uses lies, which allows him to violate the rights established in democracy with impunity. Most often, it cannot be removed by democratic means, and stopping its reign almost always involves bloodshed. Overall, totalitarianism is completely inconsistent with the Creator's concept of civilization guided by love and goodness. That is why I claim that totalitarianism is a system that creates injustice among people and is a constantly recurring mechanism that destroys goodness. Therefore, totalitarianism keeps humanity in a state of disease similar to the disease of the human body.

According to the essenceism system, if a politician or political party uses lies to win democratic elections or to stay in power, it is part of the mechanism of maintaining power by the "lord of this world". It was Satan who used untruth in the Garden of Eden to gain dominion over the first humans through his lie. If he was able to do this with two innocent children of God, then such a technique is even more likely to deceive members of any society in the fallen world. Since Satan gained power over people through lies and "arranged" our lives, anyone who follows his example creates evil. The mechanism of lies translates into the emergence of totalitarian dictatorships and perpetuates the "arrangement" of the world in an anti-God way. Citizens of every country should pay attention to such behavior of politicians.

Unfortunately, in practice, behind the scenes of the development of democracy, which should be based on eternal laws from God, there may be the same illegal "ruler" who in the Garden of Eden prevented the creation of the world under the authority of the Original Being. It is clear that Satan has no intention of relinquishing his power to the rightful Creator of humanity. The result of this situation is the current imperfect state of democracy, which we all witness and sometimes even painfully feel on our own skin.

It would be great if we could finally fully understand the laws and principles established by the Creator and, therefore, His concept of democracy. It is primarily about learning the assumptions of God's Constitution, which is unknown to us, and which would be the basis for an ideal democracy. It seems that understanding God's point of view is virtually impossible for man living in our earthly hell. God's Constitution applies only to the world under His authority, and such a world never came into existence.

The model of the world consistent with the concept of the Original Being suggests that each human individual should be provided with conditions for their full development, until they achieve personal perfection. He also encourages the Creator's children to start families so that they can fully experience childhood, marital and parental love. It also encourages people to create a community connected by friendly love so that they become proper caretakers of the Earth. What we have left from the first moments of the world created according to the idea of the Original Being are all the laws enabling us to achieve perfection. Essenceism defines these laws as Divine Providence. The rest was destroyed by the fall of the first humans. After this fall, we are forced to create the organization of life on Earth ourselves, without His support, relying only on our own intuition and observation of phenomena in nature. Fortunately, the laws of physics, chemistry and biology are still there and have not been destroyed by the fall; they still come from the Creator. Unfortunately, not all these laws can serve as a model for organizing our lives, because people are only a small percentage of nature and are certainly not animals. In particular, there is no democracy in nature, and we should not transfer biologism to the organization of social life.

Today, many people ask why the world is so poorly organized and who actually rules this world?

According to the original concept of the universe, the Creator established His laws, because this is what every creator does, having a clear vision of his work. Unfortunately, as I wrote in the previous paragraphs, we have not yet learned about this original concept. Nowadays, different leaders, different organizations, different governments influence our fate, but somehow we always have doubts whether they are doing it right. Although we think that people rule the world, unfortunately this is not true. Behind the scenes of human history, still living in hell, stands Satan. He is the one who reigns supreme over the sphere he has created, and there is no point in deceiving ourselves by saying that God interferes directly in our everyday lives. God certainly does not rule our reality!

It follows from the above that Satan's rule is still strong. By its very nature it is totalitarian. Apart from politics, the methods of operation used by religions are also totalitarian in nature. Therefore, the structure of religious power also creates totalitarianism. Unfortunately, we have been dealing with the same mechanism of evil permeating humanity for centuries. For example, what happened to Jesus two thousand years ago is still a model for our times. Politics full of power and lies, the power of money in the hands of people controlling our lives, and religious power as the government of souls still testify to the bad state of the world. This condition places many people in positions of power in the position of "rulers of this world." All this proves that evil is still stronger than good, which means that democracy is weak and the cancer of totalitarianism is still active.

The knowledge presented here is intended to stimulate people to take responsibility for restoring the concept of the world that has always been in the Personality of the Original Being. It was given to us by His love at the creation of the universe to be our eternal reality. It is partly represented by democracy, although it is a fragile structure based on honesty, tolerance and respect for the law. It is for hope that love and the good behavior of people resulting from it can restore the state of goodness that belongs to humanity.












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