Chapter 18

Scientific model of good and evil analysis

My essenceism analytical system has shown that the use of certain procedures, methods or scientific models can help us understand many spiritual phenomena that are still beyond our perception. That is why in most analyzes I use mathematical, physical and logical models of thought sequences. One of the topics that my system dealt with is the problem of the simultaneous existence of good and evil. In many studies I have shown that good is a condition belonging to the Creator and all humanity, and evil is something that should not be present at all. This statement accompanied the basic slogan of my system that True God, or Original Being, does not know evil.

To understand the situation of the simultaneous existence of good and evil and the fact that it does not come from the Creator, essenceism adopted the educational model of one of the lowest states of matter, which is the hydrogen atom model. As with every atom formation from elementary particles, we deal with strong and weak interactions. Hydrogen is the element that first appeared as a result of energy transformations right at the very beginning of the creation of the universe, i.e. after the Big Bang. Then subsequent transformations within the matter arising from it led to the formation of stars, black holes and other cosmic bodies forming the current billions of galaxies.

The hydrogen atom has one energy shell in the form of a negative elementary particle called the electron and a positive nucleus in the form of a proton, which can sometimes be accompanied by one or two neutrons. This structure inherited by all other atoms in the universe is a fairly stable form of matter. It fills the material cosmos with itself, although it has its minority competition. We are talking here about the so-called antimatter being its twin opposite. As part of this form of matter, there may be anti-hydrogen formed from a positive anti-electron, i.e. a positron and a negative anti-proton. It was the hydrogen and anti-hydrogen atom models that helped me understand the simultaneous existence of good and evil. It has the character of educational use of scientific models representing two unscientific concepts.

Good in this comparison I identify with the typical hydrogen atom model that fills part of the universe. In this modeling, good appears as the result of a "strong interaction" between the Original Being, represented as the nucleus of this atom, and humans with all creation represented by the energetic orbit with the electron moving on it. The good symbolized in this way should be a permanent and eternal reality in the visible universe we know. Following this formulation, one could suppose that nothing could disturb the situation thus established. It is as if the Creator mentioned in the Bible would acknowledge that everything he created was good. Meanwhile, based on further biblical suggestion, it can be said that right at the very beginning of our civilization a kind of anti-reality appeared, resulting from the "weak interaction" between the Archangel Lucifer who was raising them and the first people, Adam and Eve. There was an "anti-archangel" in it, that is, an Archangel transformed into Satan and "anti-people" deformed by him. He was the "core" of this "anti-world" and they were its "orbit." The "weak interaction" that originated between them, which initiated evil, turned out to be strong enough to overcome the "strong interaction" between God and people. This situation continues today. Thanks to this model, we have the opportunity to understand the existence of evil, which in no way comes from the Creator.

There is nothing wrong with the coexistence of matter and antimatter. Namely, if there is no action of antimatter interference in the static state of matter, then there can be no disturbance of their original state. Only the contact of antimatter with matter causes a kind of catastrophe destroying the proper state of matter. This is a very dangerous phenomenon that releases a sky-high amount of destructive energy. Scientists warn that one should beware of this as eating "fruit" from the biblical tree, because it causes "annihilation." This is what happened to the first people. There was a destruction of good or "annihilation" causing spiritual death.

I remind you that the task of essenceism is to help all religions based more or less on the Bible. It is a way out of the impasse resulting from the existence of evil, assuming that the source of everything is good God. In this situation, essenceism creates the basis for these religions to have a clear picture of evil. So it's not just about understanding who the Creator of all things is, who is man and what is the spiritual world. It is also about understanding the process of saving humanity from the evil that destroys our civilization. It is still as if every day the matter (good) is destroyed as a result of the combination with antimatter (evil). In that case, after the rise of annihilating evil, we no longer live in the world that the Creator has prepared for us. There has therefore been annihilation of the ideal world and the emergence of unplanned "lethal radiation" that is constantly destroying good.

Therefore, one of the important conclusions arising from the use of two models of reality is understanding how good and evil arise. I repeat, therefore, that good came into being as a result of the operation of the Original Being. It was intended to create the state needed for His love to act as the energy that creates eternal reality. Meanwhile, evil arose completely outside this system, beyond any knowledge and action of the Creator, i.e. as a new separate anti-reality that is in opposition to the correct state of all things. Following the biblical description, it had its source in the energy of "anti-love" created as a result of the relationship between the "anti-hydrogen nucleus" in the form of the Archangel, who became Satan, and the "children" orbiting around him subjected to the "influence of the evil nucleus". So there was annihilation or death against God.

Theologians and philosophers create breakneck theories to explain why evil exists. They cling to the fact that God knows everything, controls everything and is the source of everything in the universe. It is at this point that I see their main problem. They do not accept that there may be some kind of unreality that is completely outside of God, beyond His knowledge, with which He has nothing to do and in addition He knows nothing. Perhaps they inherit the classic concepts introduced by ancient thinkers and theologians who treated God like an all-knowing king sitting on the throne among the stars surrounded by angels. Therefore, they cannot free themselves from understanding God in the form of stagnant dogmas. Hence, they do not reach the fact of the existence of evil anti-reality independent of Him. Evil is the one peculiarity that began with "eating the biblical fruit" and which brought about a state other than good.

I consider using the above reasoning and supporting it with scientific models in a situation where we are still stuck with the stagnation caused by the effects of evil. It seems that almost everyone is waiting for a miracle to happen and evil will disappear as if by magic. It is for this reason that I speak so badly of bad. I would very much like my translation to shake up the views. My understanding of evil can also be a recipe for mobilization to restore the state originally prepared by the Creator. The described "annihilation of good" is supposed to make people understand that they cannot count on the repair of the situation coming from a Creator who knows no evil. Only people and angels led by True Adam, or God's Son, can fix it. Jesus Christ, who proclaimed the "strong influence" of love, showed a model of appropriate conduct. Essenceism reminds, therefore, that it is people who have to work out the birth of God's Son on Earth, this time properly recognized and properly understood.










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