Chapter 18

The way of Satan's rule

Satan's power, in other words, his dominion over the world, is not that he is sitting in a central place from which he controls the feelings of people around the world. He probably does not observe us or deal with introducing people after their death to his hell in the spiritual world.

His reign, or influence on our lives, takes place through the fallen nature implanted in us, which we receive from him at birth. Coming into the world from the very moment of birth, we receive "for good morning" a legacy of his character derived from the process of decline at the very beginning of human history. Of course, it's fallen nature. I have already written about the mechanism of fallen nature in many places in my studies.

The implantation of a fallen nature in us can be compared to the introduction of a virus or malicious code into an IT system by the programmer. Then the programmer does not have to personally affect the destruction of each individual computer, because it is done for him by a virus implanted in the entire system. Therefore, Satan does not have to control individual people, because the fallen nature he implanted penetrates human personalities quite accurately. One should not wonder, then, whether criminals like Hitler experienced the direct influence of the "prince of this world." Jesus Christ put it in the case of Satan's influence on Jewish religious leaders. He simply called him their father. The question, then, is whether we all have Satan's father or just some extremely bad people. Unfortunately, this is the first. Although our original nature revolts against the spiritual fatherhood of Satan, the latter, fallen, makes us subordinates to Satan. This condition was confirmed by Jesus on various occasions, calling Satan "the master of this world".

There is no better explanation for the fact that Satan and his demons have a destructive effect on people only through the mechanism of functioning of fallen nature implanted in us. The impact that comes from the feelings of the fallen Archangel and his fallen angels continually shape part of our personality. We, living in specific conditions, are guided by this bad influence, transferring our condition to everyday life. Hence, in addition to good thoughts and desires, a huge proportion of people constantly have bad feelings, thoughts and desires. I noticed that when someone understands this behavior of a person, he is often accused of being abnormal. At the same time, when someone sees God's presence in everything, nobody questions it. This is my difficult situation, because essenceism proves that it is Satan, not God, that is everywhere in our world.

The key human feeling is the desire to fulfill his will. It results from our original nature, because the Creator wanted us to implement our will based on knowledge and love. The evil is that this introduction of the will is also through fallen nature. As a result, many bad feelings arise, affecting our behavior. Too often, we create a scenario of events resulting from an incorrect understanding of reality by fallen nature subordinate to Satan.

It is also worth adding that it is the fallen nature that results in fear of God and the phenomena related to the so-called punishments for sins. It was through the fall of the first humans that we inherited these feelings. This is also one of the phenomena used by Satan.

I will discuss this now with a concrete example of human social activity. Unfortunately, our first and main evil desire is power over others. This is the main feature of fallen nature inherited from Satan. The worst is with her, when political leaders' desire for power comes from a desire to revenge against any opponents. Then they start treating them like enemies, and on a large scale. Hatred is a significant and conspicuous sign of evil. It coincides with the desire to retaliate, adding to this a kind of satisfaction or joy from the destruction of the opponent. Such leaders, driven by retaliation and hatred, draw not only their own personality, but also people in their circle who, as a result of their direct influence, begin to think and act like a leader. A strong group of people is formed then, centered on the personality of the leader and taking over his feelings. Thus, retaliation and hatred of a serious part of the entire community, or even a large part of the nation, can occur. Hitler's rule was a model example of this situation. However, if we carefully study the history of mankind, then we will find many more similar situations in every century. Such political leaders impregnated with hatred and retaliation are an ideal instrument at the disposal of Satan to maintain control and power over humanity.

Unfortunately, this unwanted state of our world has been going on for centuries. While we are not always dealing with only bad leaders, what I wrote above is intended to explain one of the main ways Satan works. The mechanism described above enables him to have constant control over us.






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