Chapter 17

Satan's position towards people

Humanity lives in a very imperfect world, encountering manifestations of evil every day. Unfortunately, they rarely blame Satan for this situation. A serious part of people even deny its existence. This state is also supported by those who, even believing that there is someone like Satan, do not take him seriously or forget about his existence on a daily basis.

In such a society, it is very difficult to talk about Satan, and those who do this risk being accused of being hypersensitive about him. In extreme cases, people talking about its existence are treated as mentally ill. In this way, the most dangerous enemy of humans remains unrecognized or treated as delusional. Even very deeply believing people sometimes ask themselves whether Satan is real evil or just a symbol of evil.

To solve this problem, essenceism tries to clearly explain the reasons for the emergence of evil, and thus the existence of Satan himself. In the first place, essenceism points to some well-grounded but erroneous concepts that make it difficult to understand the basic structure of reality. It is about the hierarchy of beings established by the Original Being. He created the world so that people, living their physical lives, could reach perfection, ensuring them eternal stay with Him. Thus, all His activities went towards molding people in His image and likeness. To this end, not only the physical environment for the development of humanity, i.e. the physical world, was created, but also the Creator prepared a spiritual environment in which guardian beings called angels live. It follows that angels do not stand higher in the divine hierarchy than people. Misunderstanding this basic situation results in an erroneous assessment of Satan's location. Essenceism claims that angels are servants and not just God, but also people. If you do not accept this fact, it results in a humble attitude of people towards angels and the loss of the original dignity of man as a child of God. In this situation, it is not surprising the dominant position of the fallen archangel Lucifer and his evil fallen angels towards people in our imperfect world.

The advantage of angels over people can only take place in the early stages of our growth. At that time they are our educators who are supposed to lead us to a higher position than they occupy themselves. It has always been this way, but already in the Garden of Eden the development of the first humans on a level lower than angels was stopped. Unfortunately, this detention continues to this day. The former Archangel Lucifer maintains his advantage over people, continuing his illegal mission of educating people. At the same time, he became our master by taking over our position. It gives him control over humanity. He certainly will not voluntarily give up this position.

In the original intent of the Original Being, a man endowed with His attributes should over time "jump over" the Archangel and become his master. During his growth, man's role was to develop and improve his personality in order to ultimately occupy a position higher than angels in the hierarchy of universe. This was and is the main goal of human development. That is why we received from the Creator the strength of love, the strongest of all values ​​that He possesses. Lucifer did not have this powerful force, and only its wrong orientation could cause it to be used to dominate people and prevent them from reaching perfection. I think it happened. As a result, the archangel Lucifer and his evil angels illegally took over the position of people, pushing us into a state of spiritual death.

As long as there is Satan, there is no chance to gain full knowledge of the real state of our existence. It is worth constantly reminding that humanity is under his authority. In fact, his reign is realized through the people he controls. So, as long as Satan exists, the world will be ruled by people inspired by him. They will always be bad people whose main purpose is power. Most often it concerns the political leaders that rule us. Throughout the history of mankind, there have always been such evil rulers inspired by Satan to maintain his dominion over people.

The problem is that we actually let these rulers controlled by Satan rule when they gain our trust through lies and promises. Sometimes such leaders, being criminals and genocides, still have our support and are even adored by subordinates. This can only be explained by the existence of a bad, fallen nature in us, and thus the existence of Satan.

In connection with the above conclusion, one may be tempted to say that in our world all institutions serve Satan more or less, thus acting to maintain his power over people. There are no exceptions here. Regardless of whether it is an economic, social, political, scientific, educational or religious institution, they serve to maintain the rule of the "ruler of this world". It is particularly surprising to include religious institutions on this list, that is, churches, associations and denominational movements. When teaching faith in God, they should constantly warn against the power of the creator of evil who took the place of God. However, they rarely do it, as if they had something more important to do. Religious organizations should probably be best aware of how much Satan cares that no one talks about his presence in our world. Therefore, until the clergy start acting against his interests, their activity will not be related to their most important mission. Meanwhile, their activities fill only a secondary niche in society, a bit like a separate place outside of everyday life. They usually have impressive buildings and good living conditions for themselves. This allows Satan to control these institutions, giving them the illusion that they are doing something for salvation. This situation routinely reassures both religious leaders and followers. People periodically carry out some religious practices and have a calm conscience that they are fulfilling their duty to God. Thus, very important human activity to restore the proper world order is directed to the side track. In addition, any deviation from the current norm is absolutely eliminated by Satan and our hands. An example is Jesus himself, whose activities were tried to liquidate above all the then clergy. This is also the case today. The Orthodox religious institutions make sure that no one violates their position, especially by teaching about the power of Satan and about the weakness of humanity towards him. That is why the fallen world lasts so long.

That is why essenceism constantly reminds us that we live in an imperfect world in which people remain under Satan's rule. In our world, God is absent because there can be no life zone in which He and Satan work together in the same place. Essenceism also reminds us that God has nothing to do with evil, and actually does not know its action, because evil exists completely outside Him.

Essenceism urges people to understand the above state and thus restore the original concept of the Creator. The point is that God does not know evil, so the key to liquidating evil lies in our hands. Strenuous efforts to inform God about the existence of evil and to call Him for help will not help us. Such action seems to be an attempt to modify the perfect Original Being with new values ​​completely incompatible with His Personality. Once again, it is worth reminding that all the repair of the current situation is in the hands of people. Once we did not help Jesus 2000 years ago and we missed a real chance to start a new history of humanity freed from evil. That is why essenceism speaks of a better understanding of our reality so that salvation can finally take place.







 Essenceism -

This is an analytical system that was created to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man and which shaped the Theory of Eternal Existence - Author

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