Chapter 10

Man - the eternal being

When analyzing the history of human civilization, one can come to the conclusion that man is a special being, different from anything else in nature. Of course, it is not an animal. That is why I describe a man as an eternal being who, for the first, relatively short period of life, constitutes a unity of connected persons: physical and spiritual. After his physical death, he goes as a spiritual person to eternal life in the spiritual world, known as the sphere beyond time and space.

Essenceism shows that a spiritual person emerges from the Original Being, just as a newborn child emerges from a mother's womb. Its birth is not the result of fertilization, as is the case with physical conception. It begins in the heart of God, when the human body is governed by the law that the male sperm enters the female egg. The decision to fertilize comes from man, but it entails the "forced" participation of the Creator in the creation of a new human life. Everything indicates that the new spiritual person is formed from the Divine Energy. Of course, its formation is not related to any process of the passage of time, because the spiritual world functions beyond time and space. It is each time a unique creative act of the Original Being. Thus, a new eternal being arises into which a form of spirituality deriving from His Personality is grafted. The Creator transmits to her a part of Himself in the form of His Intelligence, Will and Love, which are integrated as if in a "piece" of His Heart. Therefore, it will be a child of both parents and His. Personal attributes for an individual person are completed when the Creator decides to breathe life into the nascent physical person in the form of a beginning of a spiritual person. This happens when the months of it development in the womb of mother are over. Such an embodiment of attributes from the Creator can be taken as the proper beginning of divine fatherhood for a particular human being.

I have this image before my eyes: a human being is born from a mother's womb - a new physical person. At the same time, another image is superimposed on this image: the emergence of an invisible spiritual person coming from the Creator. It connects to the one already visible to our senses. This is the beginning of each of us, being eternally existing from the moment of birth. We go on through life, we reach the state when our physical body is old and redundant. Then the spiritual person leaves the body shell, leaving it in the physical world. From that moment on, we become an invisible being that lives forever as a proper human being. So we were born of the Original Being, which should therefore be called Heavenly Father.

A physical person is our physical body endowed with the instinct for life, which is something like the instinct in animals. However, in the case of a human, this is not a typical instinct, although conditioned and unconditional reflexes function in him. In the case of animals, their inner sense can be called an animal soul. The human body, in turn, is governed by the inner governing nature, which should be called the physical soul. A physical person is then a physical being similar to an animal, but representing the highest stage of development. As in the case of animals, a physical person is associated with the surrounding nature and is subject to the laws that apply to it. Like all physical beings, she must die within a certain time. The difference between a physical person and even the most developed representative of the animal world lies in the different sense of their existence. This can be described with a simple theorem. The meaning of an animal's life is to serve a physical person, and the sense of a physical person's existence is to serve a spiritual person.

When we look at a person, we only see a physical person, and we do not see a spiritual person in him. This is because we cannot see energy. We try to locate it, but most often we are doomed only to accept the effects of its operation. This "building block" of life, derived from the Energy of the First Cause, accompanies us in our physical life as this "visible energy" transformed into matter. At the same time, there is also in us this "invisible", filling the spiritual world, also coming from the same source. This applies to both our physical and spiritual person. Certainly a physical person is a greater "consumer" of primary energy from God than a spiritual person, because it is material. The fact is that the Original Being engaged in the physical world a huge amount of primary energy. This is clearly shown by the equation given by Einstein (E = mc˛), in which the speed of light raised to the second power is a quantitative factor showing how much energy is needed to create matter. It must be said openly that only the Creator can do this.

A physical person uses the transformed energy into matter, which lasts from fertilization in the womb until her death. As I emphasized previously, it is a huge "user" of primary energy, albeit for a limited time. Thanks to this, it is visible and can fulfill its short mission of bringing a spiritual person to maturity. The spiritual one is also a "user" of primary energy, although with a much lower intensity, but for a much longer time, that is for all eternity. Both are, therefore, places of concentration and use, but on a different scale and at different times.

The permanent concentration of primary energy, which was used by the Creator to shape our spiritual person, is intended only for life beyond time and space. There is no need for our spiritual person to be visible in the physical world, because for the time of its growth to full maturity it is located in a visible physical person. Only in the first, physical phase of life intended for human development, it must harmonize with the primary energy transformed into the physical body. Then it leaves the dead physical body and continues life as invisible to our eyes. Except in exceptional circumstances, this concentrated energy from which it is made is never transformed into matter again.

Of course, in exceptional situations, a spiritual person can be felt in our physical world and even become visible to our eyes. I call it "physicalizing" (from this point onwards, I will no longer use quotation marks). There are several forms of this physicalization. I will start with the slightest spiritual interference in our physical reality. If someone remains in strong spiritual arousal, he can sense the concentration of energy in his environment resulting from the presence of such a person, and even recognize him without visualizing it. This happens with the simultaneous use of the imagination and spiritual senses of both parties involved in the phenomenon. Then you can even communicate with such an invisible person, that is, find out what he wants from us. This is done, for example, by using telepathy or by being alone in hypnosis. Then such a spiritual person can understand what we want to convey to him. With a slightly higher concentration of energy, it is "physically" formed, that is, "dressed" in a visible form, because the concentration of its spiritual energy is already sufficient to prevent light rays from passing through. Such a spiritual person looks like a shadow or a haze. This is how the so-called ghosts seen by certain people appear. They look like an airy figure. I am basing here on some testimonies and memories of people who experienced something like this, but I cannot verify it. The greater concentration of spiritual energy looks a bit different. Then the spiritual person looks like a physical figure and can perform various activities. For example, angels took on a physical form, communicated certain information, performed various jobs, and acted like humans. We know from the Bible that an angel fought with Jacob, the archangel Gabriel talked to Mary, and yet another broke the bars of the prison where St. Peter. It was not, however, mere materialization or visualization. This phenomenon is best described by the term already mentioned: physicalization, which describes the act of briefly appearing of a spiritual figure in the physical world. It may not be a term related to typical phenomena in our world, but it captures the meaning of the phenomenon being described. Sometimes another person called a medium is needed. She adds her will and energy to this transformation, a great amount of which must be used even with a brief physical expression. In addition, it should be noted that a person from the invisible world must want to be seen, because in order to become physical, he needs his will that mobilizes spiritual energy. Jesus Christ himself showed the maximum effect of this phenomenon. After His resurrection, He was fully visible, spoke, moved and performed various activities like an ordinary person. Many times, whenever He wanted it, He appeared among His disciples, taking advantage of the fact that they too were "energetically" prepared and involved in His presence.

Summarizing the above, it should be clearly stated that the purpose of the Creator was to give eternal life to His children in the form of a spiritual person. For He did not create man to die. The death of the physical body was predicted by Him from the beginning. A man who achieves personal perfection as a spiritual person is the culmination of the Creator's work, fully completed and stabilized for eternity. It reflects God's qualities to the maximum. There is no need to imagine someone even greater and more perfect. For the Creator put everything that was best in His work.










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