Chapter 32

Knowledge of eternity for everyone

The theory of eternal existence tries to explain in the simplest terms what it means that we are eternal. Initially, we can start with the fact that it is the Original Being that gives each of us a spiritual person at birth. It is eternal because it comes directly from its Creator. Therefore, birth on Earth is the beginning of eternity for every human being.

Presenting the Original Being, my theory shows that His Reality is permeated with eternity. In that case, the Original Being is our refuge, i.e. a guarantee of certainty that all of us, without exception, will live forever in His Reality.

Thanks to essenceism, which carried out a number of analyzes and searches for the proper state belonging to humanity, my theory introduced a new, alternative to religion, understanding of God as the Original Being. Its features, attributes and attributes have become the key to understanding both the reality that originally belongs to us and the one we currently have. The most important thing for us is that as the Creator, He emerged from His Eternal Personality our personalities, which essenceism defined as eternal spiritual persons. Thanks to this result of analyzes of essenceism, my theory could determine that eternity belongs to every human being.

From this it follows that the life of every human being from the moment of birth is the way to eternity. It follows from the above that no one, and especially no religion, has the right to impose conditions on us so that we can achieve it. Eternity for every human being is an unconditional gift from the Creator, who gave us at the moment of birth. Therefore, it is worth remembering that the beginning of each person's life is the beginning of his eternity. It is also worth bearing in mind that physical life is not waiting for death, but growing up to eternity. Explaining it even more precisely, it is worth knowing that from the moment of birth we have the goal of life in the form of the development of our spiritual person, which we should lead to eternity and perfection. Thus, eternity is the responsibility of the Creator, but personal perfection is already our responsibility.

To sum up, the Creator, as part of his responsibility, gave each of us a part of Himself in the form of our eternal person. We are to bring it to perfection, because we are not animals, nor angels, nor any other of His "products". The Original Being, giving us all the necessary conditions for existence, wanted to make us know from the beginning of life how to achieve perfection. Therefore, he has prepared a concept of the universe that is adapted to this task. Everything, therefore, is prepared in order for us to achieve perfection on our own.

The Original Being is a "model" for our spiritual person. During physical life it is like a vestibule of a state beyond time and space. Just as the Original Being is the essence of the state beyond time and space, so our spiritual person should be the essence of our life and identify with our entire personality. This is how we create our eternity.







Theory of eternal existence

Theory of Eternal Existence is the theory to understand the existence of God, the spiritual world and the eternity of man. This theory was created by the analytical system of essenceism - Author

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